If you’re planning a wedding reception, you’re probably looking for a great wedding reception venue. Your wedding reception offers a chance to visit with your guests and thank them for taking the time to celebrate with you. A sit-down wedding reception meal is an elegant, sophisticated way to show gratitude to your guests and allow them to share in the joy of your new marriage.

Look for a wedding reception venue that offers ample space for a wedding reception meal, and that matches the formal tone of the event. A sit-down dinner gives everyone the chance to relax and mingle without having to keep getting up to get food or drink. A sit-down meal also makes it easier to coordinate wedding traditions, such as toasts and the cutting of the cake.

At The Glasshouses, we can provide you with both a wedding venue and a wedding reception venue in NYC. Our two beautiful party spaces are located in a historic Chelsea building, and offer gorgeous city views from the balcony and the floor-to-ceiling windows. To find out more or to book an event space, call us today at 888-836-2911.