In order to make sure that you rent the perfect event space for your wedding venue and wedding reception venue, you need an accurate headcount for your guests. It can be difficult to pare down your guest list, but you must consider your budget so that you can find an affordable wedding venue and reception venue. Here are some great tips for deciding how many people to invite to your wedding.

Consider the Mood That You Want for Your Event
While some people might be happy with a lavish, extravagant wedding, others want a more intimate event. Before you begin creating a guest list, consider the mood that you want to set at your wedding venue and wedding reception venue. You can also picture your ideal wedding and reception venues to get a sense of how much space you’ll have. A small garden wedding venue will not be able to accommodate a large guest list.

Stick to Your Budget
When you first began your wedding planning, you probably discussed a budget with your partner. The most important part of sticking to your budget is keeping your guest list at an appropriate number. The more people that you invite, the more money you will have to spend on your party space, photo shoot location, caterers, servers, and other vendors. If you want to find an affordable wedding venue, you’ll need to keep your guest list under control.

Focus on Close Friends and Family First
If you’re having a hard time determining who to cut from your guest list, remind yourself to focus on close friends and family first. Only invite people who are nearest and dearest to you, who you know will want to share your special day with you.

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