Hiring a caterer is just as important as booking your wedding venue. The right caterer and venue can have your guests talking about your wedding for weeks. Let’s take a look at some questions you should ask your potential caterers.

Have you worked with my selected wedding venue?
This is a very important question to ask because some caterers will only work with selected wedding venues. If they have not worked with your wedding venue before, then the catering company may need to ask questions about kitchens, wait staff, and other available amenities.

Do you have the required licenses and permits?
It is extremely important to make sure your potential caterers are licensed, insured, and permitted to cater your wedding. Licensing ensures they are legally able to cook and serve food as a business, and insurance covers any liability to you or the venue in case a guest becomes ill from the food.

Do you have an extensive menu?
Menu choices may not be a wide concern for every bridal couple, but it is a good idea to ask about food options. Your caterer should be able to offer you a diverse selection of cuisines and desserts, as well as alternatives for guests with allergies or food intolerances.

Will you provide glassware, plates, and silverware?
Many caterers will not provide the glass, silverware, or plates for your guests to use. You must speak with your caterers and your wedding reception venue about the amenities that are available to you.

What is your estimated price breakdown?
Most caterers will provide an estimate based on price per person, but this may not be the complete price you will be billed. Many estimates do not include gratuities, service fees, or taxes. Ask your caterer for a detailed list of their prices and what is included with those prices.

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