When designing your perfect wedding reception, you’ll likely find that there are some areas where it’s easy to cut costs, such as decorating. In doing so, you’ll be able to allocate more of your budget for the more important aspects of the reception, such as the wedding venue. Choosing the right wedding reception venue is the foundation for your wedding planning. When you know the layout of and possibilities for the event space, it’s easier to arrange the other details to suit the location.

Create a Romantic Ambience
It isn’t necessary to spend a fortune to create a romantic ambience at the wedding reception venue. You can use creative lighting to make the event space seem more intimate. It’s likely that the venue already offers lighting on dimmers and at most weddings the tables feature elegant candle arrangements. Avoid using scented candles, since it’s possible that some of your guests may be sensitive to these. You might also consider hanging decorative lanterns or strings of tiny white lights. Of course, flowers are a must for a wedding. Instead of using the costly services of a professional florist; however, you might consider shopping around for elegant, natural-looking silk flower arrangements. This is also a more convenient option, since it won’t be necessary to have these delivered at the last minute to ensure freshness.

Offer Light Refreshments and a Dessert Bar
Catering is often among the most expensive feature of a wedding reception. If you have a large guest list, you can keep your catering costs low by having your wedding in the afternoon. Guests generally do not expect a full meal at a midafternoon reception. Instead, you might offer light refreshments at a buffet-style reception, such as finger sandwiches and mini quiches. If so, consider adding a dessert bar. In addition to the must-have wedding cake, you can offer elegant options such as chocolate-covered strawberries and individual tarts.

The Glasshouses event space offers your wedding reception guests stunning views of Manhattan and the Hudson River. When you choose our affordable wedding venues in NYC, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that your space is customized to meet your preferences. Get started planning your perfect reception by calling 888-836-2911.