Centerpieces are a classic decoration for a wedding reception space, corporate event space, or party space. When choosing a centerpiece for your event, you should consider your budget, aesthetic preferences, and the purpose and tone of the event. You can get creative with unique, DIY centerpieces, or opt for more formal and traditional tabletop decorations.

When choosing a centerpiece for your wedding reception venue, pick ones that guests can take home after the wedding. Wedding venue centerpieces might be floral arrangements, candles, lanterns, terrariums, seashells, ornaments, or potted plants. For formal corporate events or parties, candles, plants, or floral arrangements are the traditional choice. For an informal party or gathering, you can be more creative, and choose a centerpiece that reflects the theme or style of the party. For instance, if the corporate event is an employee appreciation party, the centerpieces can be trophies or award statuettes.

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