107742701Winter weddings are gorgeous—especially if you pick the right wedding venue—but they may require a little extra planning. Take a quick look at these easy tips to help you plan the perfect winter wedding.

Tip #1: Use Winter Wear Accessories

Even if you have a long, flowing dress, you will likely need to add some essential winter accessories to your wedding wardrobe. Do not forget about your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and parents of the happy couple. Look for various types of accessories that exude bridal elegance, yet keep you warm enough to enjoy your winter wedding. Fashionable jackets, gloves, capes, and boots are just a few accessories that can complement your winter wedding wardrobe.

Tip #2: Look at Warm Wedding Venues

Winters in New York are beautiful, as long as they are viewed from inside a warm and cozy space. You can have a luxurious and gorgeous winter wedding in an indoor wedding venue and wedding reception venue. Consider keeping both your wedding and reception at the same venue; this will save you and your guests from braving the cold more than needed.

Tip #3: Book Helpful Winter Additions

When guests arrive at your wedding venue, they will likely have heavy jackets and scarves. Consider setting up a station for guests to drop off their outerwear so they can attend your wedding and reception unencumbered. Ask your wedding venue if there is a coat checking service available, and inquire about other winter rentals you may need. Depending on where your venue is located, you may wish to rent heaters or hot cocoa machines for the comfort of your guests.

If you are looking for an indoor wedding venue serving NYC this winter, then look to The Glasshouses to accommodate all of your needs. We have two event spaces with gorgeous views of the Hudson River and Lower Manhattan. You and your guests can enjoy your winter wedding from the comfort of The Glasshouses by calling us at 888-836-2911.