392221Planning a wedding requires a lot of attention and organization. From choosing an event space to organizing a guest list, we suggest keeping all of your information in one space. Luckily, Google has some wonderful tools to simplify wedding planning. Here are some of our favorite things they offer for a stress-free wedding planning experience:

Google Sites:

Spread the news, for free! This tool allows you to create a beautiful site where you can share all the information you want, and tell the story of your relationship. Editing tools are also available so that you can include engagement photos in the templates provided.

Google Docs:

All your details in one place. Google docs provides tools to organize any aspect of your life, but we’ve found the perfect document for wedding planning. This All-in-One Wedding Planner is the ultimate spreadsheet book. It has tabs set up for everything you can think of, and also includes helpful tips!

Picasa Web Albums:

Here you can create on-line photo albums for free. You can upload engagement photos to share with guests, or use the tool as a virtual cork board. See a dress on-line that you love? Add it to the photo album. See a wedding theme you like? Add photos to show your event space representative so they can help you emulate it.
Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or birthday party, Google has amazing tools to help you stay organized. If you’re currently in the planning process for an event and need a beautiful NYC event space, check out The Glasshouses in Chelsea. We have 2 large event spaces that are blank canvases ready to become the space you’re imagining. Give us a call at 888-836-2911 to see beautiful views you’ll fall in love with.