Whether you’re allergic to flowers, or simply don’t like them, you certainly do not have to use them to decorate your wedding venue or wedding reception venue. There are plenty of creative and fun decorations that you can use in place of flowers. Here’s a look at some gorgeous alternatives to flowers for decorating your wedding venue or wedding reception space.

Decorative Lighting or Lantern Arrangements
Romantic lighting creates the perfect ambience for a wedding venue or wedding reception space. You can ask the coordinator at your event space to dim the lighting slightly to make your lighting more noticeable and dramatic. Instead of using flowers to decorate aisles, seats, trees, gazebos, or tables, you can use decorative lighting or lantern arrangements. Lights or lanterns can be hung or placed almost anywhere, and can be customized to match the colors, style, and theme of your wedding.

Colorful Displays of Mini Piñatas
Mini piñatas are a fun, creative, and colorful alternative to traditional floral centerpieces. You can buy small piñatas in almost any color, shape, and style from a party supply store, and arrange them in the center of each table at your wedding reception venue. They can even be used as place cards to direct guests to their seats. You can fill them with small gifts, and guests can take them home after the wedding.

Antique Birdcages Filled with Origami Birds
Antique birdcages are a more rustic and eclectic alternative to flowers. These birdcages can be used as centerpieces, or hung from trees or the ceiling to create a stunning display. You can fill the birdcages with lights, fake birds, or beautiful birds made from origami.

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