As you plan your wedding, you may focus on finding the perfect dress, finalizing your guest list, and choosing an affordable wedding venue and wedding reception venue. It’s easy to end up making your wedding cake selection a low priority. Here is a simple guide to choosing a wedding cake with minimal stress and fuss.

When and Where to Order Your Wedding Cake
You should order your wedding cake at least four to six months prior to your wedding date. You may get a more specific deadline depending upon the size of the cake, the complexity of the design, and how busy the bakery is at the time. Wedding cakes can be ordered from specialty bakeries, catering companies, and private bakers.

Choosing the Perfect Cake
While you want to consider your guest’s preferences when choosing a cake, don’t overwhelm yourself trying to meet everyone’s needs. Your wedding cake should primarily meet the budget and tastes of you and your partner. Ask for photos of cake designs from a few different bakeries, and taste samples of the cakes they offer. Choose a cake that tastes delicious, looks beautiful, and doesn’t exceed your budget.

Find Out How, When, and Where It Will Be Delivered
Once you place your cake order, you’ll want specific information from the bakery about exactly when your cake will be ready, who will deliver it, and where they’re willing to deliver it. Many catering companies and bakeries are happy to deliver a wedding cake directly to your event space or wedding reception venue. Others may want you to pick it up yourself.

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