Without a doubt, traditions are an integral part of ceremonies. Yet, modern brides and grooms are often more willing to part with tradition than their predecessors. Although drifting away from certain traditions may be a little surprising to some of your guests, it’s perfectly acceptable to customize your wedding and the wedding venue to suit your personal style.

Rule: The Wedding Registry Must Consist of Housewares
Traditionally, newly married couples receive cheese boards, blenders, and similar household goods. In this modern era, an engaged couple is more likely to live together well before the marriage and they likely already have an established household. It’s perfectly acceptable to expand your wedding registry to include non-traditional items. These days, many couples avoid the traditional registry altogether and instead request contributions toward their honeymoon expenses.

Rule: The Gown Must Be White
This is one tradition that still has a firm foothold in wedding design. Yet, some brides are breaking free of this rule without sacrificing style. Before choosing the dress, you may wish to consider the themes and decorations you’ll use in your wedding reception space. If you choose baby blue flower arrangements for the tables, for example, you may wish to add a splash of blue to your dress, such as by having pale blue flowers trail down the skirt.

Rule: A Rehearsal Dinner Is a Must
The traditional rehearsal dinner evolved as a way to let the parents of the bride and groom meet each other before the ceremony. If the families live a considerable distance apart from each other and haven’t yet had the chance to meet, then having a rehearsal dinner may still be a good idea. However, it isn’t always necessary.

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