The job of best man is a role steeped in history and tradition as the groom’s right hand man. Whether he is looking for the bachelor party space or offering moral and emotional support to the groom, the best man has an important job in a wedding.

Help the Groom Prepare
Perhaps the most important part of being the best man is to help the groom prepare in whatever way he needs. This may be helping him to pick tuxedos or simply being open to frank discussions about potential nerves. Whatever the groom needs from you, try to provide it as best you can.

Plan the Bachelor Party
Many men enjoy being the best man because they can plan the bachelor party. Whether you choose a specific party space or plan for a night out in New York City, the bachelor party will be a great night of fun. Consult with the groom first about your plans, just in case he prefers a different party space.

Hold the Groom’s Ring
In addition to supporting the groom in front of the wedding guests, you will be trusted with the groom’s ring for the bride. Some traditions have seen the best man hold both the groom’s and the bride’s ring, but this will be up to the happy couple’s preference. Either way, be sure you have the ring at all times, safe and sound in your suit pocket.

Toast the Happy Couple
Once you reach the wedding reception venue, the toasts will soon begin. Typically, the best man starts the toasting with a short speech about his relationship with the groom and the bride, some funny memories, and well wishes for their happiness.

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