If you want your event to have a contemporary theme with a more casual element, you might include a lounge where your guests can relax and sip a few cocktails before and after being seated for dinner. To create this type of space, dedicate an area of your venue to informal seating with couches, ottomans, and throw pillows. The right rug will tie the lounge area together and make it distinct from the rest of the reception space.

For ultimate convenience, set up the lounge in close proximity to the bar and offer some light snacks and appetizers for guests to enjoy in this comfortable and cozy spot. If you are hosting a large party, you might set up multiple lounge areas or line the dance floor with big, plush couches where guests can relax between their favorite songs.

The Glasshouses in Chelsea provides the perfect lounge space for parties and wedding receptions with a modern feel and huge glass windows showcasing unbeatable views of Manhattan and the Hudson River. You can contact a party planning specialist at The Glasshouses by calling 888-836-2911 or visiting our website today.