When you’re planning your wedding, you might feel overwhelmed at the number of things on your to-do list. As you get the details of your big day in order, don’t forget to give time and attention to the rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner is the symbolic beginning of your wedding and may be your only chance to spend quality time with close friends and family before the busy day arrives. You can make your rehearsal dinner as formal or as casual as you please, so be sure you hold it in an events space that will accommodate your needs. Keep reading for more on planning an unforgettable rehearsal dinner.


The Guest List

Most people give a great deal of thought to who will be invited to their wedding but may not pay as much attention to who will attend the rehearsal dinner. It’s a good idea to let the people who are invited know ahead of time so that they can make appropriate travel arrangements. Typically, the immediate family of the bride and groom are present, as are any relatives who have traveled from out of town to be there. Bridesmaids and groomsmen are also invited, as is the person who will be performing the ceremony.


The Setting

There are many options when it comes to where to have your rehearsal dinner. While you could hold it in a noisy restaurant, it’s a better idea to have your rehearsal dinner at a dedicated events space where your party will be the only thing happening. That way, you’ll get the attention you deserve, and you won’t have to worry about slow service or other problems that can arise in a restaurant.


The Plan

The rehearsal dinner typically involves a time for the families to meet and mingle with one another, followed by the dinner itself. There may also be a gift exchange for the wedding parties and a time for parents or attendants to give toasts.


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