Once you get engaged, there is not much time between the excitement of the engagement and the start of wedding planning. Therefore, you might feel a bit overwhelmed when you start to share the news that you are tying the knot. To ease your wedding planning worries and start thinking seriously about your big day, answer these important questions before you make any big decisions related to your wedding.


When is the wedding?

Setting a date is the first step in planning your ceremony. The season in which your wedding takes place may guide your choices for colors, décor, and your dress design. If you want to throw a fun and flirty celebration, spring may be the best time for your wedding. For a more intimate and formal affair, set your date in the wintertime.


How many guests will attend?

Weddings can range from small parties of close friends to large gatherings of over 200 guests, and the planning for these events varies greatly. You may not have a set number in mind until you actually send out the invitations, but think about the approximate size of your ideal wedding early on. You should also remember that once the number of invitations exceeds 100, you might only expect about 60-75% of the invitees to actually attend.


What is your budget?

Knowing your budget will help you make decisions about how many people you can afford to invite, where your wedding will take place, and what the menu will look like. If you have family members offering help for your wedding expenses, talk to them sooner rather than later so that you can get serious about planning. If you want a large wedding but you don’t think it’s in the budget, consider having a cocktail reception or daytime wedding to cut down the cost of each guest.


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