Once you have found your photo shoot location for your engagement pictures, you need to think about what to wear. Thankfully, you can look in your closet for the perfect clothes that represent you and complement your future spouse.

Items That Represent You
Your engagement photo shoot is about you and your future spouse; it should represent you as individuals and as a couple. If you tend to dress in casual business wear, then you may not look or feel comfortable in flip-flops and board shorts. The opposite is true as well. If you or your spouse are beach bums who love to wear floppy hats and torn shorts, then your true personality won’t be seen through a suit and formal dress. You can still look very beautiful and handsome, but make sure to look like yourselves in your engagement photos.

Items That Complement You Both
Even if you and your future spouse are complete opposites, there are simple ways to complement each other in your engagement photos. You can wear similar colors, or dress in the same theme. Bring an item that represents how you two became attracted to each other. Do you have the same taste in music, art, or movies? If that is all you have in common, then add it to your photo shoot. These pictures represent you two, so make sure they have meaning for you both.

Items That Match the Location
Consider wearing clothes, colors, or an accessory that ties in with your photo shoot location. If the location is outdoors, then wear natural colors or carry simple bouquets of flowers. If your photo shoot location is indoors, then decorate the space to represent you and your future spouse. You have numerous options if you look at indoor photo shoot locations.

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