If you and your partner are planning an engagement photo shoot at your wedding venue or wedding reception venue, you may be wondering what you should bring with you. Here are some suggestions for things you can bring to your photo shoot location that will help you feel well prepared, comfortable, and relaxed.

A Variety of Clothing Options
Bringing a variety of outfits and shoes to choose from will make sure you’re prepared for anything. You may decide you don’t like the way certain colors look in the photo shoot location’s lighting, or you might simply to add some variety to your photos. If you visit the photo shoot location prior to the shoot, you’ll have a better idea of the shoes and clothing that will be appropriate for the lighting, background, and overall ambience of the event space.

A Playlist of Your Favorite Music
It’s natural to feel nervous during a photo shoot, but music can quickly calm your nerves. Ask your event coordinator if the event space has an audio system that you can use to play music during the shoot. You and your partner can create a playlist of your favorite songs, and the music will create a fun, festive atmosphere that will make it easier for you to appear natural and at ease in your photos.

Hair and Makeup Products and Accessories
If you don’t have a makeup artist for your shoot, you’ll need to bring your own hair and makeup products and accessories. Bring a wide variety so that you can experiment to find the best look for the lighting and ambience at the photo shoot location.

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