If you’re looking for an amazing indoor photoshoot location, you’ll want to find one that has plenty of natural light. This will save you from having to create artificial light with flashes and bright lamps. Local event spaces or party spaces, particularly wedding venues and wedding reception venues, make really wonderful photoshoot locations. They’re often indoors, have plenty of natural light, and can offer useful amenities.

Once you’ve found your photoshoot location, take a series of test shots at various times of day and in different light throughout the venue. This will help you get a sense of how you can make your photos look flawless and consistent. Use a light meter to measure the natural light sources at different points around your photoshoot location. Indoor photoshoot locations afford you much more control over your lighting, and you won’t be subject to changes in weather or interference by the public.

At The Glasshouses, our two versatile event spaces make wonderful photoshoot locations in NYC. With floor-to-ceiling windows, they provide plenty of beautiful, natural light. If you’re planning a photoshoot, contact us today at 888-836-2911 for more information.