After selecting a photo shoot location, remember not to complicate things when deciding what you will wear. Choose an outfit that you like and are familiar with, and that represents your style and personality. By selecting clothing that flatters you and that you are comfortable in, you can get more out of your photo shoot.

Begin by choosing colors that you know you look good in, and then narrow your choices by selecting neutral, earth-toned clothing, or darker blues, grays, and black. Darker colors pair well with jeans and are also slimming, and photographers suggest sticking with darker colored shoes as well. If you prefer to wear a lighter top, then choose dark-colored pants or jeans.

Simplicity is the goal when it comes to choices for patterns and accessories. Avoid bold, clunky jewelry and bright patterns and stripes to keep the focus of the photo on you. When selecting clothes, be mindful of your undergarments and tan lines—you want neither of these to be visible in your photos. Although some patterns can work, keep in mind what everyone else in the photograph will be wearing, and try not to clash with their outfits.

You will want to choose a look that matches your style and personality. Most of the time, dressy casual works best for photo shoots. Choose garments that enhance the features you like about yourself and not ones that you dislike. For instance, if you are self-conscious about your arms, wear long sleeves rather than short ones. Photographers recommend that men avoid wearing sandals or shorts to keep the photo looking professional and that women wear clothing that they will be able to sit in comfortably.

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