Finding the perfect photo shoot location depends upon the type of photos you’re taking, your photography style, and your client’s needs. You’ll also want to factor in the weather and natural lighting at the date and time of the shoot, to determine whether your photo shoot location should be indoors or outdoors. Here are some more tips for choosing the right event space for your photo shoot.

Think About the Type of Photos You’re Taking
If you’re shooting a slick, commercial advertisement, or taking professional fashion photos, you’ll want a party space rental that is versatile, spacious, and sophisticated. If you’re shooting portraits or engagement photos, you should look for a photo shoot location that is smaller and more intimate.

What Is Your Photography Style?
Your photography style will greatly influence you choice of photo shoot locations. If your style is brash, bold, and edgy, you’ll want to find a venue that allows you free rein to customize the space as you see fit. If your style is more relaxed and natural, you can opt for a photo shoot location that is simple, small, and casual.

Consider the Needs of Your Client
Your client should have some say in your photo shoot location. Commercial clients often dictate the exact size, features, and ambience that a photo shoot location must have. The client will specify whether the shoot must be indoors or outdoors, what lighting style you should use, and what architectural features they want present. If you’re shooting portrait photography, you’ll want to choose a photo shoot location that makes your client feel comfortable and secure.

At The Glasshouses, our spacious event spaces make the perfect photo shoot location in NYC. Our floor to ceiling windows provide a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline, and ample natural light during the day. Each of our event spaces is fully customizable, and has high ceilings, built-in lighting options, and unique architectural features. For more information on using one of our stunning event spaces for your next photo shoot, call us today at 888-836-2911.