Once you have found the perfect photo shoot location for your clients, you can begin preparing them for the actual photo shoot. Your clients might be nervous or self-conscious about having their photos taken, especially if they are being photographed at their upcoming wedding venue or wedding reception venue. Here are some great ways that you can help ease your clients’ nerves and prepare them for their photo shoot.

Talk About Clothing and Shoes
Every photographer has an idea of what type of clothing works best for a photo shoot. Most photographers recommend against wearing all white, as it tends to wash people out in photographs. Others may want to create a cohesive aesthetic by having clients wear monochromatic outfits in matching shades. You should also discuss which shoes will be most comfortable for them to wear to the event space or photo shoot location.

Give Them Grooming Tips
You should advise your clients to prepare for any eventuality when they are choosing their grooming products. Tell them to bring as much as possible to the photo shoot location so that you will have a variety of options to choose from depending on the lighting, weather, and their mood. Women should bring plenty of hair accessories, as well as a straightening iron and blow dryer. Men should make sure that their nails are trimmed and clean, and that their facial hair is well groomed.

Discuss What to Expect From the Photo Shoot Location
Your clients will feel more comfortable about their shoot if they know what to expect from the photo shoot location. Discuss the event space’s lighting, terrain, and amenities. You should also tell them whether they will primarily be indoors or outdoors.

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