Speaking at corporate events can be a little intimidating, whether it’s your first or your 100th corporate address. To be an effective speaker, it’s equally as essential to take command of the event spaces as it is to prepare engaging content. At the corporate event venue, let your audience see your passion for the topic by expressing confidence through your body language. Prepare a detailed outline of key points, but try to avoid simply reading a speech from index cards. Making steady eye contact with your audience is crucial for getting and keeping their attention.

Use an Attention-Getting Lede
Effective writers draw their audiences in with an attention-grabbing lede. When you use this tactic as a speaker, you’ll need to avoid starting with a prolonged “thank you.” Far too many speakers have already lost their audience in the first few sentences because they try to thank their introducers, the event organizers, and others. Instead, issue a general “thank you” to the room and move on with the important points.

Support Your Focus with a Story
One tactic of successful speakers is to start with a story. You can use a personal story of your experiences with the organization or a story about what the company has accomplished. You can use a humorous story if the humor is guaranteed not to offend anyone. The story you choose should support the main focus of the speech.

Be Mindful of Your Body Language
Your body language speaks volumes about your comfort level as a speaker. Try to walk around the room instead of hiding behind the podium. Keep your hands clasped together in front of you at the level of your waist and use them to make occasional gestures. Additionally, be mindful of the pace of your delivery. Avoid rushing through your presentation and use meaningful pauses when appropriate, but also try to avoid prolonging the speech unnecessarily.

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