A lot of work goes into planning any special event, from choosing an event space, coordinating a guest list, and deciding on party entertainment. Planning a festival requires many more considerations, as it will likely be a public event on a much larger scale than the average party.

Determine the Size of your Festival
Once you determine that scale of your event, many of the other details you need to plan will fall into place. Knowing how big you want your event to be will allow you to choose the perfect event space and decide how many people you’ll need to hire to pull off a successful event. Once you have chosen your event space, you will know if you need to hire security, and how you will provide toilet facilities to your guests.

Hire the Right Staff and Entertainment
You will need a lot of help from volunteers or paid staff, even in the beginning stages of your planning. You will need to hire and consult with people who can help you push your vision forward, and who have experience and connections in every area. You will also have to hire a staff of people to work at your festival, from taking tickets to selling refreshments, to ushering your festival’s talent or entertainment from place to place. You will also have to recruit entertainment for your festival. Depending on the type of festival, you will need to entice popular musicians, authors, chefs, or artists who will draw a big enough crowd and make your festival well attended and profitable.

Market the Event Successfully
The best way to ensure you’ll have a popular, crowded event is to hire a marketing team to promote the festival well in advance. Once all of your festival’s details are in place, you’ll need to use all available media to build interest and drive ticket sales.

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