151615808When planning your next event, you will have several meetings with your event space and potential caterers. These meetings will be informative and filled with lots of questions. Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect when meeting with your caterer.

Getting to Know Each Other

A big part of your first caterer meeting is going to be about getting to know one another. You will both exchange bits of information to determine if this catering relationship is the right fit. Use this opportunity to look at various menu samples—either in picture, caterer description, or by taste-testing—and decide if you like this caterer. Your caterer will ask various questions about your event, event space, and expectations. In addition to these questions, the caterer will explain the amenities that typically come with his service and what you can expect by choosing his company.

Stating the Facts

Even if you do not have a final count of guests attending your event, you should still have an idea of how many you expect. You will need this general number when looking for party space rentals, and your caterer will expect it as well. If you have certain requests, such as a specific dish or cuisine, then use this meeting to inform your caterer. Stating these facts is very important early on because it establishes a trusting relationship between you and your caterer.

Making Decisions

Though you may not make your final decisions during your initial meeting, you will likely begin to formulate a menu template. Your caterer will make another appointment to taste-test various options you pick out, but you may use this time to get an idea of dishes you would like at your next event.

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