Whether you’re hosting a corporate holiday party or a celebration for closing a major deal, the location of your party is one of the most important factors for its success. The right party space will help the event come together with ease and make your guests feel comfortable. When you’re looking at party spaces, how do you know which one will truly meet your needs? Consider these factors when searching for the best party space for your corporate event.

The location of your event space can make or break your corporate party. Choose a location that is easily accessible by your employees. One that provides ample parking as well as access to public transportation is preferable. You can hold your corporate party at an event space close your office, so you know that everyone is familiar with the area, or choose to have it in a neighborhood with a buzzing nightlife that your staff will be excited to visit. Picking a venue that is far away or difficult to access will have an impact on party attendance.

When you’re looking at party space rental spaces, consider the mood of the rooms. You want a relaxed and easygoing vibe so your staff can enjoy themselves, so stay away from any space that feels too sterile and cold. Find out what kind of decoration options you have so you can personalize the space for your event.

Small things can add up to major disruptions for your party, so pay attention to the fine details when you’re choosing a party space. Are the available bathrooms adequate for the number of attendees? Can the room be set up to provide enough space for you activities, such as bars, buffet lines, and dancing? Does the venue offer adequate seating? All of these smaller factors will influence how comfortable your guests are at your event.

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