361653Determine Goals and Objectives

Visualize the event you want to plan. What will the mood be like? Will it be fun and celebratory, or will attendees be busy networking in a more professional way? Who will be in attendance? What kinds of activities or performances will occur? The more clearly you understand your goals, the easier it becomes to make your event a reality.

Choose a Date and Venue

Book a venue as soon as you know what dates are available for your event. Planning for a specific space can make decision-making much easier.

Figure Out the Details

Pick your caterers, musicians, and décor. Keep these elements cohesive and make sure they contribute to the mood you’re trying to achieve. Sometimes picking a theme can be helpful. Thoughtful choices about the environment you create can make a big difference in your attendees’ experience.


Depending on the type of event you’re planning, you may need individual paper invitations, digital invitations, or simply promotional materials targeting a larger group. Give people a little time to plan for the event and keep the date free, but not so much time that they forget or lose excitement.

Have Fun!

Even very professional corporate events can be fun and memorable. Get to know your guests, enjoy good food and entertainment, and relax in a beautiful space.
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