Corporate events do not have to be dry and stuffy, especially when you are throwing a holiday party. You can decorate potential party spaces with your holiday theme, or you may prefer to keep your holiday party simple. No matter your preference, continue reading for some party ideas your employees will love.

Go Bowling
If you are looking to do something different this holiday season, try a low-key day or night out at a bowling alley or movie theater. Poll your employees on simple activities that they love to participate in but rarely have the time for. If you do a midday bowling session or catered luncheon at an event space, then your employees can enjoy a break from the day, and they will not have to worry about finding a babysitter.

Give Back
As the saying goes, “tis the season of giving.” The holidays are a common time where people donate their time, money, food, or gifts to others. You can encourage this by throwing a party about giving back. There are numerous ways this type of party may look. You can host a holiday fundraising event at a party space rental; you can sponsor an organization and pick one day for all employees to donate their time; or you may choose to throw a holiday party that highlights the many charitable donations and employees found in your company.

Dress Up
So many people love to dress up, whether it be in costume or ballroom clothes. There are several different party ideas that give your employees the opportunity to dress up for a night out. You may choose a themed costume party, such as Medieval Times, or you may go for a simpler idea like Hollywood Glam. Consider polling your employees for ideas and preferences.

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