When you plan a corporate event like a holiday party, you have the opportunity to show your employees how much you value their hard work and dedication. To make the party truly memorable, you’ll need to plan every detail carefully. Here are some great ideas to help you start planning your corporate holiday party.

Host the Party at an Off-Site Party Space Rental
Your employees will be much more excited about the holiday party if you hold it away from the office at an off-site party space. They’ll look forward to the glamour and novelty of a corporate event that is hosted at an elegant event space, and they’ll feel truly honored to be a part of the event. Make sure to choose a party space rental that is conveniently located for all employees, or arrange transportation to and from your corporate event.

Plan Fun Games, Giveaways, and Activities
In between serving delicious food and drink, you should plan some fun activities for your employees. Consider a holiday themed quiz, a game show, or other semi-competitive games. Pick out some great prizes to hand out to the winners, but make sure that each employee also has a small gift at his or her seat so that no one will feel excluded. You can also have a karaoke station set up so that employees can sing holiday songs throughout the night.

Set Up a Holiday Photo Shoot Location
To truly make your corporate holiday party a memorable event, ask your event space coordinator to set up a holiday photo shoot location in the party space. It can be a themed, decorated area where guests can pose for pictures together, or you can arrange for a photo booth rental.

At The Glasshouses, our party space rentals in NYC are perfect for a corporate event like a holiday party. Each event space offers a catering kitchen, convenient 24-hour parking, and dazzling views of Manhattan from floor-to-ceiling windows. To learn more about our corporate event spaces, call us today at 888-836-2911