Memorial Day is a different kind of patriotic holiday. It isn’t as flashy as Independence Day, but it attracts more parties and all-around fun than Veteran’s Day or Labor Day. Here are some ways to start the summer season off right and have a great Memorial Day party space everyone will be talking about.

Keep the Patriotic Colors Minimal
Since Memorial Day does garner a celebration of sorts, keep the red, white, and blue colors to a minimum. Instead of covering your party space rental in wall-to-wall patriotism, let the colors shine through in accents. Create patriotic centerpieces, use colored dishes and silverware, and decorate or design your food in a patriotic fashion. Your party will be memorable because of its simplicity.

Serve Patriotic Summer Desserts
Summer is just beginning when Memorial Weekend comes around, so take advantage of the amazing summer foods available. Summer desserts—typically filled with delicious and juicy fruits—can be arranged to look like the American Flag or decorated as colored stars. Serve dessert kabobs with alternating strawberries, marshmallows, and blueberries to get those accented colors in. Cut out cookies in the shapes of stars, decorate cupcakes in blue frosting and red cake, or create strawberry and blueberry parfaits. The options are almost limitless when it comes to fresh and yummy patriotic desserts you can create.

Use Confetti in Place of Fireworks
Fireworks are not a typical addition to Memorial Day, but that doesn’t matter at your soiree. Fill up balloons with confetti. At the opportune moment, instruct your guests to pop the balloons to see “fireworks” up close. This creative alternative to fireworks may be a little tough to clean up at your party space, but it will have everyone applauding at the end of the night.

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