Your child’s high school graduation is one of the most important days of his or her young life. The success of graduating deserves to be celebrated in a momentous way. Choosing a party space, inviting guests, and deciding on decorations and entertainment may seem overwhelming, but planning a memorable graduation party can be achieved through following these helpful tips.

Create a Guest List
Creating a guest list will allow you to easily plan all of the other elements of your party. Sit down with you child and discuss exactly whom you want to invite to the event. If you plan on inviting family as well as friends, you can pick a tone or theme for the party appropriate for all age levels. Once you agree on a guest list, you will know how large the party will be, which will make it easier to choose a venue and coordinate food and entertainment.

Choose a Venue
Your child may consider picking the party space to be the most important detail of planning the event. You will want to choose an event space that is easy accessible by the majority of your guests, and that provides the level of sophistication and elegance necessary for such an important event. Hosting the party at an outside venue means you won’t have to worry about set up or clean up, giving you more time to spend with your guests.

Pick your Food and Entertainment
Choose food and entertainment that will appeal to everyone. The staff at your event space can likely recommend an excellent caterer, and many venues even have catering kitchens that you or the caterer can use to prepare food. The venue probably also provides a sound system and lighting, and sometimes even a stage for speeches, a party DJ or other entertainment.

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