Whether you’re planning for a corporate reception, fundraiser, wedding or fashion show, you want to find an event space that is both beautiful and functional. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your next event.

Large Space, High Ceilings
It is important that the venue you choose is appropriate for a large gathering. A crowded space can seem less elegant and professional. High ceilings not only add a luxurious aesthetic, but can be necessary when creating sets for a production or fashion show which involves raised platforms.

A Fully-Equipped Catering Kitchen
No event is complete without food. Make sure the space you choose has a full kitchen setup so catering goes smoothly.

Adjustable Lighting
Nothing kills the mood at a soiree like harsh, unflattering lighting. A venue that hosts a variety of events should have full control over its lighting options, so you can set the mood appropriately for a film screening, photo shoot, or a dinner without difficulty.

Sound System
It’s important to be in control of sound at your event, from casual background music to live performances. If someone will be speaking to a large group, make sure the facility offers a wireless microphone.

Keep in mind that at any party, especially when there are cocktails, there will be a need for abundant restroom facilities. When exploring a potential event space, make sure the bathrooms are accessible, plentiful and clean.

In New York City, finding parking can be a challenge. To keep your guests’ arrival smooth and pleasant, find a venue with easy, close parking.

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