125505515Whether guests are attending your wedding, a reunion, or anniversary party, they are bound to need accommodations near your event space at the Chelsea Arts Tower. Thankfully, the Chelsea Arts Tower is located near several popular attractions and upscale accommodations. Let’s take a look at some of your choices:

The Hotel Americano is an upscale hotel that features the latest in modern interior decorating and other high-quality amenities. Your out-of-town guests will feel on top of the world staying in one of New York’s newest hotels.

When looking for tasteful and elegant, The GEM Hotel Chelsea never fails to deliver. This hotel is one of Chelsea’s finest boutique hotels, with access to all of Chelsea’s many attractions.
If you have some history buff guests, introduce them to The High Line Hotel. Along with the High Line itself, this hotel can boast over 100 years of history.

Once you have chosen The Glasshouses for your event space near NYC, check out the beautiful hotels all within walking distance. Our event spaces are available for corporate events, affordable wedding venues, and much more. Just call us at 888-836-2911 to reserve your next event.