All About Chelsea, New York City’s Hottest Up-and-Coming Neighborhood


City neighborhoods evolve; one year’s hot spot may be terribly out of fashion a decade later. That’s why it’s important to enjoy thriving neighborhoods and make the most of what they have to offer before the landscape changes. In New York City, Chelsea is currently the place to be. From its rich history to its abundant attractions to its livability, Chelsea has got a lot to offer.

  • History: Today Chelsea goes from 15th to 34th Street on the West Side of Manhattan, but it was originally a single property. Named after a British manor house by a retired general, Chelsea was notable for the General Theological Seminary, built by the Episcopal diocese of New York. At the turn of the last century, Chelsea housed many slaughterhouses, but it is now full of more modern hotspots.
  • Attractions: For the last 20 years, Chelsea has been building a vibrant art community, and how boasts more than 200 galleries, including the Gagosian Gallery. It also holds museums, theaters, and dance locations. The Chelsea Piers offer bowling, skating, batting cages and many other athletic attractions for adults and children. The waterfront also offers green grass in an otherwise pavement-covered city. In the evening, you can take advantage of the popular Chelsea clubs.
  • Food and Mobility: Accessible by train, bus, taxi and foot, Chelsea is a great spot for a visit. The area offers dining and event spaces, so it’s a great place to host parties and corporate events. The National Biscuit Complex, where Oreos were invented, now houses the Chelsea Market, a conglomeration of small restaurants featuring famous chefs.

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