Anniversaries are occasions that should be celebrated. Use these tips to figure out how to book the perfect party space near New York City and put together a memorable celebration for your next anniversary:

Choose the Date and Book Your Venue
You should throw your anniversary party as close to your actual anniversary as possible. Look at your calendar to see which dates work for you and try to reserve your event space. The sooner you can book your party venue, the sooner you can start telling people when you are throwing your anniversary party. The venue should have plenty of room for all of your guests, the right aesthetic appeal to serve as the backdrop for your event, and a staff that is willing to help you bring together all of the details of your party.

Start Inviting People
You should send out the invitations at least a few weeks before your party to give people the chance to make plans to come. Include important information on the invitation about the time, date, and location of the event. You should also indicate whether or not children and guests are invited. Add some clear instructions about how the guests can RSVP so you can get an accurate head count before the day of the party.

Decide on Your Menu
After you book your event space, you can start to think about the kinds of food and drink you want to serve. If you are planning to serve dinner, you should figure out whether you want a buffet or a sit-down meal. You might want to include a few different food options to ensure that everyone has something they can eat.

If you are getting ready to celebrate a special anniversary, choose The Glasshouses as your perfect venue. With our amazing city views and dedicated staff, we make it easy to plan events of any size. To learn more about our event spaces, visit us online or call 888-836-2911.