Before you arrive at your wedding venue for your big day, one pre-wedding ritual you may consider is a rehearsal dinner. What once was literally a rehearsal for the ceremony has now become a pre-wedding party of sorts to kick off the celebrations. If you are wondering how to put together your rehearsal dinner, here is what you need to know.

Decide on Your Goals
If you have a large wedding party or unique twists in your ceremony, then you may want to actually have a rehearsal at your wedding venue to make sure everyone understands their roles. If you plan to have a simple ceremony with a small wedding party and see the rehearsal dinner as more of a chance to socialize before your hectic wedding day, then you may want to simply choose a location like a restaurant for a get-together with the people you want to spend some time with. A rehearsal dinner can be a great opportunity for the families to get to know each other a little better before the wedding day.

Create Your Guest List
In the past, when families generally lived close together, rehearsal dinners typically included the wedding party, immediate family of the couple, the officiant, and any guest who traveled from out of town for the wedding. However, now that families are so spread out, meaning your wedding guest may almost all be from out of town, this tradition has changed. Now, you are only obligated to invite the wedding party, immediate family, and officiant.

Choose Your Venue
Your rehearsal dinner can be as formal or casual as you like. Rent an event space and have a catered dinner, choose a favorite restaurant, or even have a catered dinner at someone’s home. Your rehearsal doesn’t have to match your wedding in terms of color or style—save those surprises for when people arrive at your wedding venue on the big day.

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