Organizing a Product Launch Event


Whether you work for a small business or a large corporation, one of the most momentous events that can come up at work is a product launch. It takes a lot of work to develop a product that is new, useful, and attractive to consumers, but the work doesn’t end there. Marketing efforts including a product launch can help generate buzz about what’s to come and get consumers interested in the product you’re selling. Keep reading for tips for organizing a product launch event in Manhattan.


Establish Your Goals

Now that you have a product that the whole world should know about, it’s time to get the word out. As you start to plan your product launch, determine what you want to get out of the event. You may be trying to attract media attention, consumer attention, or trade attention. Narrowing down your goals will help you figure out whom to invite to your event. Events that are targeted to a specific group tend to work the best, as you can focus on the needs and wants of just those people.


Choose a Location

Location is important when it comes to product launches, as you want as many of your invited guests as possible to be able to attend. The venue should be spacious and have plenty of room for product demonstrations, displays, information booths, and areas to grab a refreshment and relax. Look for a room that is versatile and can be transformed easily to represent your company and its new product.


Make the Event Special

There are many events happening in Manhattan nearly all the time, so you need to give your audience a reason to attend yours over something else. Think of ways you can create unique and memorable experiences for your attendees. A personal touch always goes a long way, as does hands-on experience with the new product.


When your company is getting ready to launch a new product, contact The Glasshouses at 888-836-2911 to find out how we can help make your launch event a success. With The Glasshouses’ breathtaking skyline views of New York City and all of the finest amenities, your event attendees are sure to remember this product launch above all others.