How to Choose the Right Furniture Rentals for Your Special Event


Are you planning a special event? Finding the right party space is important for setting the right atmosphere. After selecting an event space, you can focus on details such as furniture rentals. Determine which furniture rentals are right for your special event with these helpful tips:


Finalize Your Guest List

It is important to know exactly how many guests will be attending your event before choosing your furniture rentals. Invitations should be sent out a month or two in advance to give guests enough time to respond and give you enough time to finalize all of the details. Once you get all of your RSVPs back, create a final list detailing exactly how many guests will be in attendance. Use this list to make sure every guest has a seat and there are enough tables for every attendee.


Consider Event Activities

The number of guests you have will determine how many tables and chairs you need, but other factors must be considered to decide on other furniture rentals. After choosing your party space, decide on what activities you and your guests will participate in during the event. If you will have entertainment, you may need extra tables. If you will be hosting games or other activities, you may need additional pieces of furniture for the event.


Decide What Food and Drinks You Will Serve

Creating a menu is essential for finalizing many event details, including what type of furniture you need. Buffet service requires extra long tables to ensure that guests can quickly and easily access the food they want. Sit-down service may require stations where servers can drop off and pick up utensils. If you plan to serve cocktails or hors d’oeuvres, you may need extra space for bartenders and additional servers.


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