Planning an Exciting Sweet Sixteen Event


A young girl only turns sixteen once, which is why it is important to commemorate the occasion with an elaborate celebration. Use this guide to determine the ins and outs of your special girl’s Sweet Sixteen:


Find the Perfect Event Space

When searching for a party venue, try to focus on spaces that can easily cater to all of your party needs. The right event space will have a floor plan that can accommodate your entire guest list and give you all of the services you need to throw the party that your daughter wants.


Finalize Your Guest List

It is important to have a general idea about the size of your guest list when choosing a party venue so you know you can host everyone. You do not have to finalize your guest list, however, until after you have chosen your space. Once you have determined whom you want to invite, you can start creating and sending out invitations.


Decide on a Theme

Choosing a theme for your event is a great way to simplify the process of decorating. Whether your daughter wants her party to include 80’s clothing or just a specific color scheme, this connective thread helps you put together a stylish and eventful party atmosphere for her big day.


Choose a Menu

Work with the party space planners to come up with a menu that works for a sixteen-year-old’s birthday party. You should stick to foods that are recognizable and easy to eat to keep the teenagers at the party satisfied.


When you are looking for the right party space in Chelsea, look no further than The Glasshouses. From Sweet Sixteen’s to corporate events, we can host a variety of celebrations to give you the party space that you need. For more information, visit us online or call 888-836-2911.