1. Reasons to Hire an Event Planner

    Hiring an event planner for your corporate event, wedding, or party will save you time, stress, and money. Event planners have connections in the industry, and can often find you great discounts on services such as catering, entertainment, and event spaces. These connections may even allow you access to venues and vendors that you couldn’t have contacted on your own. Their expertise even allows …Read More

  2. Get Help Planning Your Wedding With This App! – The Glasshouses, New York, NY

      Planning your wedding should be a fun and exciting process. But with so many details to consider, this process can quickly become stressful. That is why it is a good idea to get some help from the Our Wedding Planner app! This amazing Android app makes wedding planning easier than ever. You can import guests straight from your phone contacts to keep track of who will be attending. Use this …Read More

  3. Factors to Consider When Planning a Festival

    A lot of work goes into planning any special event, from choosing an event space, coordinating a guest list, and deciding on party entertainment. Planning a festival requires many more considerations, as it will likely be a public event on a much larger scale than the average party. Determine the Size of your Festival Once you determine that scale of your event, many of the other details you need …Read More

  4. What To Expect During The Initial Meeting With Your Caterer

    When planning your next event, you will have several meetings with your event space and potential caterers. These meetings will be informative and filled with lots of questions. Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect when meeting with your caterer. Getting to Know Each Other A big part of your first caterer meeting is going to be about getting to know one another. You will both exchange …Read More

  5. Boosting Attendance At Your Seminar

    Attendance is a crucial element of corporate events, because it helps people expand their networks, learn valuable skills, and gain experience. However, if your corporate events do not attract a multitude of people, then these various business men and women are missing out on valuable knowledge. Here are a few ways to help you boost attendance at your next corporate event: Pick a great location. Y…Read More

  6. Selecting a Great Tuxedo

    You have chosen your wedding venue, wedding reception space, and a myriad of other details. Now, it is time to choose your tuxedo for your upcoming nuptials. Watch the video for a step-by-step look at selecting a tuxedo. Begin your tuxedo shopping at least two months in advance of your big day. This gives the tailors enough time to measure, make, and alter your tuxedo. Wear the right tuxedo jacket…Read More

  7. Etiquette Guidelines for Formal Dining Events

    When your wedding venue or party space is located in an upscale area of New York City, you will likely experience formal dining at your next event. There are certain etiquette rules that are commonly used during a formal dining event. Watch the video for a detailed look at etiquette rules regarding silverware. Silverware will be placed on either side of your dish. You will use each utensil, from t…Read More

  8. Expert Tips For Planning Your Winter Wedding

    Winter weddings are gorgeous—especially if you pick the right wedding venue—but they may require a little extra planning. Take a quick look at these easy tips to help you plan the perfect winter wedding. Tip #1: Use Winter Wear Accessories Even if you have a long, flowing dress, you will likely need to add some essential winter accessories to your wedding wardrobe. Do not forget about your bri…Read More

  9. Holiday Party Ideas Your Employees Will Love

    Corporate events do not have to be dry and stuffy, especially when you are throwing a holiday party. You can decorate potential party spaces with your holiday theme, or you may prefer to keep your holiday party simple. No matter your preference, continue reading for some party ideas your employees will love. Go Bowling If you are looking to do something different this holiday season, try a low-key…Read More