How Many Bridesmaids Should You Have?

With weddings becoming less traditional and more unique, many brides opt to have more bridesmaids than is traditional. Some may even decide not to have any bridesmaids at all.

Watch this video for more advice about choosing the perfect number of bridesmaids for your wedding. Ultimately, the number of bridesmaids that you choose is a personal decision that should depend upon your personal preference, and what your wedding venue and wedding reception venue can accommodate.

At The Glasshouses, our wedding venues in NYC have spacious floor plans that can be customized to meet the needs of any bride, groom, and wedding party. You can choose between our two elegant event spaces based upon the size of your guest list. For more information on our affordable wedding venue and wedding reception venue, call us today at (646) 402-6557 or visit us online.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Buffets vs. Seated Meals at Events

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If you’re planning a special event that includes dinner, you have a decision to make: do you want to have a formal, seated dinner, or a more casual, buffet-style meal? Each style has its own unique advantages, and your decision may come down to the layout or size of your event space, party space, or wedding reception venue. Here are some of the pros and cons of each.

Formal Seated Dinner
A formal, seated dinner is a very traditional option. If your party space can accommodate tables and chairs for all of your guests, they’ll be able to relax and enjoy their meal while conversing with other guests. A seated meal also means that guests won’t have to wait in a long line and serve themselves.

Buffet-Style Meal
A buffet-style meal is much more casual, as guests will need to form a line and serve themselves. Buffets are extremely cost-effective, as they require fewer servers. You can also provide a wider variety of food, and guests can pick and choose what they serve themselves.

How to Choose the Right One for Your Event
To determine which type of meal you want to serve, consider how formal your event is. If you’re holding a wedding reception at an elegant wedding reception venue, a seated meal will be expected. If you’re hosting a more casual event, like a holiday party, guests will be very content with a buffet-style meal. Keep in mind that a seated dinner requires you to hire more servers, which may increase your catering bill. Additionally, buffet-style meals aren’t ideal for guests who have mobility issues.

At The Glasshouses, our two stunning event spaces near NYC are perfect for large, formal events, such as weddings and wedding receptions. You can also rent just one of our party spaces for a more intimate, casual dinner party. Our two unique floor plans offer a flexible layout that can accommodate any type of event seating. For more information about our elegant party space rentals, call us today at (646) 402-6557.

Dressing for a Corporate Cocktail Event

If your company has rented out a corporate event space for a chic cocktail party, you’ll want to make sure that you dress appropriately. You can take your cues from your company’s standard office dress code, and the ambience of the event space at which the cocktail party will be held.

Watch this video for more tips on dressing elegantly for a cocktail party at a corporate event space. You’ll learn how to balance professional style with chic cocktail party attire.

If you’re hosting a corporate event in NYC and need a corporate event venue, visit us at The Glasshouses. Our two sophisticated event spaces are in an architecturally acclaimed Chelsea building. Each party space accommodates 200 cocktail party guests. For more information about hosting a corporate event with us, call us today at (646) 402-6557.

Lighting Tips for Your Photoshoot

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If your photo shoot location is indoors, you’ll need to play around with the lighting to get just the right look. Some art photographers use experimental lighting to create their own personal aesthetic. If you’re shooting commercial or portrait photography, however, your client will want the lighting to enhance and elevate the subject of the photos.

Floor to ceiling windows in an event space or photo shoot location can help you manipulate natural light to your advantage. You can use shades or blinds to control the amount of light that enters the event space. Professional photo shoot locations will also have fully adjustable built-in lighting that allows you to customize the perfect lighting for your subject. Don’t play with both types of lighting in one photograph, however—just use one at a time.

Our incredible photo shoot locations at The Glasshouses in Chelsea offer breathtaking waterfront views of lower Manhattan through floor to ceiling windows. Each of our private event spaces features fully adjustable built in lighting, and motorized window shades that allow you to control the venue’s natural light. For more information on our event spaces in NYC, call us today at (646) 402-6557.

A Look at the Different Types of Corporate Events

Corporate Event Venue NYC

There are many different types of corporate events, and each one requires that you rent a specific type of event space. Keep reading to learn about a few of the different types of corporate events that you have to choose from.

Appreciation Parties
Many businesses throw employee appreciation parties or client appreciation parties. If you’re planning a corporate event and you want to give back to your employees or clients, consider throwing an appreciation party. For an employee or client appreciation party, you’ll want to rent an event space that is elegant, sophisticated, and luxurious. Because you’re thanking your guests, you should treat them to a beautiful event that shows your appreciation.

Charity Functions
If you were told to plan a corporate event to benefit a local or national charity, it’s very important that every detail of the event reflect well on your company and the charity. Your goal is to encourage your guests to learn about the charity, and hopefully donate money to the cause. The corporate event should be half-gala and half-business meeting. Because you’re trying to get your guests to donate to a cause, you should throw a fun, exciting party. For a charity function, choose a corporate event venue that is intimate, simple, and lovely.

Holiday Parties
Holiday parties are a great excuse to go all out when planning a corporate event. Holiday parties are a chance for employees to relax, have fun, and mingle with their co-workers. A holiday party should have a festive vibe, and you should find a party space that is large, open, and customizable. You’ll want to be able to decorate and set up distinct areas for different activities.

If you’re planning a corporate event in NYC and are looking for the perfect event space, come see us at The Glasshouses. We offer two unique event spaces in our historic Chelsea building that can be rented separately or together. For more information on our party spaces, visit our website or call us today at (646) 402-6557.

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