Direct Your Out-of-Town Guests to Accommodations near Chelsea Arts Tower

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Whether guests are attending your wedding, a reunion, or anniversary party, they are bound to need accommodations near your event space at the Chelsea Arts Tower. Thankfully, the Chelsea Arts Tower is located near several popular attractions and upscale accommodations. Let’s take a look at some of your choices:

  • The Hotel Americano is an upscale hotel that features the latest in modern interior decorating and other high-quality amenities. Your out-of-town guests will feel on top of the world staying in one of New York’s newest hotels.
  • When looking for tasteful and elegant, The GEM Hotel Chelsea never fails to deliver. This hotel is one of Chelsea’s finest boutique hotels, with access to all of Chelsea’s many attractions.
  • If you have some history buff guests, introduce them to The High Line Hotel. Along with the High Line itself, this hotel can boast over 100 years of history.

Once you have chosen The Glasshouses for your event space near NYC, check out the beautiful hotels all within walking distance. Our event spaces are available for corporate events, affordable wedding venues, and much more. Just call us at (646) 402-6557 to reserve your next event.

Holiday Party Ideas Your Employees Will Love

Event Venue NYCCorporate events do not have to be dry and stuffy, especially when you are throwing a holiday party. You can decorate potential party spaces with your holiday theme, or you may prefer to keep your holiday party simple. No matter your preference, continue reading for some party ideas your employees will love.

Go Bowling
If you are looking to do something different this holiday season, try a low-key day or night out at a bowling alley or movie theater. Poll your employees on simple activities that they love to participate in but rarely have the time for. If you do a midday bowling session or catered luncheon at an event space, then your employees can enjoy a break from the day, and they will not have to worry about finding a babysitter.

Give Back
As the saying goes, “tis the season of giving.” The holidays are a common time where people donate their time, money, food, or gifts to others. You can encourage this by throwing a party about giving back. There are numerous ways this type of party may look. You can host a holiday fundraising event at a party space rental; you can sponsor an organization and pick one day for all employees to donate their time; or you may choose to throw a holiday party that highlights the many charitable donations and employees found in your company.

Dress Up
So many people love to dress up, whether it be in costume or ballroom clothes. There are several different party ideas that give your employees the opportunity to dress up for a night out. You may choose a themed costume party, such as Medieval Times, or you may go for a simpler idea like Hollywood Glam. Consider polling your employees for ideas and preferences.

By choosing The Glasshouses, you can throw a holiday party no one will forget. We have floor to ceiling views, a great sound system, and beautiful Terrazzo floors at our corporate event venues near NYC. Please visit us online or call us at (646) 402-6557 to book your holiday party.

Selecting a Great Tuxedo

You have chosen your wedding venue, wedding reception space, and a myriad of other details. Now, it is time to choose your tuxedo for your upcoming nuptials. Watch the video for a step-by-step look at selecting a tuxedo.

Begin your tuxedo shopping at least two months in advance of your big day. This gives the tailors enough time to measure, make, and alter your tuxedo. Wear the right tuxedo jacket for your body type. If you are thinner, a double-breasted jacket will do; if you are stocky or muscular, a single-breasted jacket will look best. Be sure to consult your tailors for more advice.

In case you are still looking for the perfect wedding venue in NYC, call The Glasshouses at (646) 402-6557. We have two wedding venues to choose from, and both have amazing views of the Hudson River. Give us a call to reserve your wedding venue today.

Reboot Your Typical Corporate Meeting Structure

Corporate events and meetings are not always the most fun way to spend a work day. However, there are some easy ways to reboot your next corporate event and give your employees something to look forward to in the future.

Make It Fun
Your employees may dread going to corporate events because they seem to drone on and issues do not feel resolved. To head this off, start your corporate meeting with a positive tone, and mention achievements the company and various employees have made. Then, throughout the event, set up games and exercises that entertain your employees. Instead of typical team-building exercises, set up board games throughout the corporate event venue. These games will excite your employees and motivate them into a productive mindset.

Get People Moving
It is very counterproductive to have your employees sitting down at a meeting all day. It interrupts their normal work schedule, and they become bored easily. Allow people to stand up and move around, and ask people to participate in the meeting regularly. If you have exercises or multiple speakers throughout the event, then set them up in different areas of the event space. Your employees can move around, and their physical and mental juices will be recharged.

Offer Several Breaks
You must offer breaks throughout your corporate event. Your employees can only focus for a limited amount of time before they begin to zone out. During these breaks, your employees can use the restroom, stretch their bodies, or catch up with their neighbors. You can also add some short, creative breaks where people are required to tell their neighbor a joke or do a short game of thumb war. These breaks will keep everyone alert and activate their creative juices.

If you are looking for your next corporate event venue near NYC, then you have found it! The Glasshouses has room for up to 200 people in our 2 event spaces, and our amazing waterfront views are sure to keep your employees inspired. Please visit us online or call us at (646) 402-6557 to reserve the space for your next corporate event.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Caterer for Your Wedding

Wedding Venue NYC

Hiring a caterer is just as important as booking your wedding venue. The right caterer and venue can have your guests talking about your wedding for weeks. Let’s take a look at some questions you should ask your potential caterers.

Have you worked with my selected wedding venue?
This is a very important question to ask because some caterers will only work with selected wedding venues. If they have not worked with your wedding venue before, then the catering company may need to ask questions about kitchens, wait staff, and other available amenities.

Do you have the required licenses and permits?
It is extremely important to make sure your potential caterers are licensed, insured, and permitted to cater your wedding. Licensing ensures they are legally able to cook and serve food as a business, and insurance covers any liability to you or the venue in case a guest becomes ill from the food.

Do you have an extensive menu?
Menu choices may not be a wide concern for every bridal couple, but it is a good idea to ask about food options. Your caterer should be able to offer you a diverse selection of cuisines and desserts, as well as alternatives for guests with allergies or food intolerances.

Will you provide glassware, plates, and silverware?
Many caterers will not provide the glass, silverware, or plates for your guests to use. You must speak with your caterers and your wedding reception venue about the amenities that are available to you.

What is your estimated price breakdown?
Most caterers will provide an estimate based on price per person, but this may not be the complete price you will be billed. Many estimates do not include gratuities, service fees, or taxes. Ask your caterer for a detailed list of their prices and what is included with those prices.

Whether you have your caterer or not, come down to The Glasshouses to see our wonderful views and fully-equipped catering kitchen. We are Chelsea’s premier wedding venue near NYC, so book your reservation right away by calling us at (646) 402-6557.

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