Classic Poses for Your Next Photoshoot

Whether you are going to an event space or your wedding reception space, you deserve to have some magical pictures during your photo shoot. Continue reading for a brief overview of a few classic poses you can use.

Bridal Photoshoot

Take full advantage of your wedding venue to capture some truly spectacular pictures. Whether by yourself, or with your groom, there are various poses you and your photographer can use. A classic couple’s pose has the groom laying a kiss on the bride while dipping her toward the ground. You may try a soft gaze at the camera as you look through your veil. Even something as simple as walking away, arm-in-arm with your groom, can capture a beautiful moment as you walk together toward your future.

Boudoir Photoshoot

There is a fine line between sexy and gratuitous when it comes to boudoir photography. Keep this in mind as you go through your poses. Keep your hands and face soft at all times. Even a simple sitting pose can be made sexy with a soft hand draped across your shoulder. With this type of shoot, less is often more.

Fashion Photoshoot

Often, a fashion photo shoot will feature the entire body with some focusing shots on the product being sold. When you are sitting on the ground, make sure your body is in a flattering and interesting pose. Cross one leg over the other, with your knee up, and rest your hands lightly on your front ankle. While standing, you won’t go wrong with a hand through your hair and the other resting on your cocked hip.

Beauty Photoshoot

Beauty shots typically feature some aspect of your professionally-applied makeup. Often, photoshoot locations will employ a lot of light on your face to capture all of your beautiful features. Keep your hands soft and bring them up to frame your face when you look at the camera. You may also try an over-the-shoulder glance behind you.

Call The Glasshouses at (646) 402-6557 to book your next photo shoot location near NYC. We are located in the beautiful Chelsea neighborhood with a spectacular view of the Hudson River and Downtown Manhattan.

Celebrate Bastille Day in Style

Typically held on July 14 th, France’s Bastille Day celebrates the fall of the monarchy and the beginning of the French Revolution. Though it is France’s Independence Day, this holiday is celebrated around the world. You will even find many parties held in your favorite event space in the New York Area.

Decorate in France’s Colors

The colors on France’s flag are blue, white, and red. Similar to the United States’ colors, but in a different order and for different meanings. There are several ways you can deck out your event space in France’s colors to celebrate Bastille Day. Hang the French flag in place of curtains. Decorate your desserts in blue, white, and red. You can even get creative with different alcohols to create custom cocktails in France’s patron colors.

Hire the Right Entertainment

If you are celebrating Bastille Day, it may be safe to say you’ve heard of the Can-Can. This popular, showgirl-filled dance was made famous through Paris’ Moulin Rouge. Now, the Can-Can is practiced around the world, and it can make an appearance at your Bastille Day party. Ask your party space rental for recommendations for other French-themed entertainment, such as singers, dancers, and mimes.

Serve Delicious French Food

France is known as one of the world’s greatest creators of delicious cuisine; you cannot have a Bastille Day party without serving some of France’s greatest delicacies and dishes. French wine and cheeses are an absolute must at any French party. You can have a “make your own crepe” bar set up with fruits, desserts, and savory toppings. Or you may decide to offer a full five or seven-course meal in true Parisian style. Be sure to hire a French-trained chef to cook for your party, because you do not want to misrepresent one of France’s greatest achievements: Cuisine.

Celebrate France’s Independence Day at The Glasshouses! We have two event spaces for your convenience, and we cannot wait to host your Bastille Day party. Call us at (646) 402-6557 to learn more about our event spaces in NYC.

Hosting a Post-Wedding Day Brunch

The wedding planning doesn’t stop as soon as you leave the wedding reception venue. There is typically a brunch held the day after the wedding to thank the parents, bridal party, and any close or out-of-town guests. That means it’s time to look for one more party space, and get ready for a laidback post-wedding brunch.

The post-wedding brunch is much like a regular brunch—complete with breakfast foods and mimosas—but it can be however the newlyweds, or whoever is paying, would like it. You may not do much decorating because it is a small affair, but your party space can have streamers or balloons, if you like. Set up a table to hold the wedding gifts, and after the light brunch has been served, open gifts at your leisure. Keep the whole affair light and laidback.

From wedding venues to corporate events in NYC—there is no end in sight for the events you can host at The Glasshouses. We are located in the Chelsea Arts Tower, complete with a catering kitchen, built-in lighting, and breathtaking views of the Hudson River. Call us at (646) 402-6557 to get started on your next event at The Glasshouses.

Themes for Your Company's Summer Party

Treat your employees to more than a stuffy party this summer; book all of your corporate events with an adventurous theme in mind. Here are a mere handful of summer party themes your employees will be raving about.

Beach Party

Keep your company party laidback, and tell everyone to show up in their board shorts and flip-flops. Decorate your event space with multicolored beach balls, a sandbox, and lawn chairs. Throw down oversized beach towels for people to lay out on and serve margaritas. Play some Beach Boys over the speakers, and you have a beach party everyone will be glad to attend.

Summer Nights

Summer nights are filled with wistful thoughts and memories made; invite your employees to make memories as they watch the sun set over the Hudson River and sway to classic summer tunes. The night doesn’t need to be extra fancy—women can wear their favorite sun dresses, while the men wear jeans and polos.

Arabian Nights

Deck out your corporate event venue in deep-colored drapes and gold pillows. Hire some belly dancers and drummers, and you can treat your employees to an Arabian Nights party. You can recreate the Arabian fantasy with traditional music playing overhead and throw pillows and rugs for the guests to lounge on. Guests can wear long-flowing outfits or break out their harem pants at this elegantly themed party.

Hawaiian Luau

Cater your summer party with traditional luau foods, including smoked pork, mahi-mahi, poi, and fresh fruits. Treat your guests with a traditional Polynesian dance troupe, which may perform one of many sensational dances. Your guests might see the traditional Hawaiian or Tahitian hula dance, but they may be treated to a powerful Samoan or Maori dance, as well. Anything can happen at a Hawaiian luau held in a corporate event venue.

When you want an upscale event space near NYC, you call The Glasshouses at (646) 402-6557. Your summer parties will never be the same after they’ve been in one of our event spaces. Call us or visit online to hear how we can make your summer corporate event the most memorable one yet.

Choosing The Glasshouses for Your Independence Day Party

Treat your family and friends to a one-of-a-kind Fourth of July experience, and choose The Glasshouses as your party space. With its unparalleled views of the Hudson River, modern and open design, and customizable décor, your guests will be treated with the party of a lifetime. Here are some of the many reasons your Independence Day party will be perfect at The Glasshouses.

  • The fireworks will look amazing from the floor-to-ceiling windows surrounding either space. If you book Glasshouse 21, located on the 21 st floor, your guests can journey out to the balcony to view the fireworks over Downtown and Midtown Manhattan.
  • You can decorate the spacious party spaces however you want! With an amazing lighting system, you can broadcast red, white, and blue over pristine white couches or chairs. Or, you can mix it up with patriotic colors on the furniture and decorations.
  • Guests will feel like they are in the lap of luxury with expert staff, elegant décor, and a granite entrance into the Chelsea Arts Tower.

Look no further for your event space; The Glasshouses is just the party space rental for your Independence Day party. Call us at (646) 402-6557 to learn more about our two event spaces in NYC.

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