Creating a Venue Selection Checklist

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Choosing a venue for a wedding, corporate event, or party is an important decision. Having a checklist to consult as you explore your venue choices can help you stay on track. Your checklist should include details for each venue about its amenities, capacity, and location. It should also allow you to evaluate how the venue fits into your event budget.

As you visit each potential venue, ask your contact person about the packages they offer and see if there are any special deals or discounts available. Find out specifics about their amenities, such as whether they have a kitchen, or offer convenient guest parking or event security. Also ask them if they have any relationships with caterers, event rental companies, or event entertainment services, like bands or DJs. Their business relationships may afford you further discounts that will help you stay on budget.

The Glasshouses in Chelsea is the perfect event space for your holiday party, corporate event, or wedding in NYC. We provide two event spaces in our historic building, offering stunning views, a lobby doorman, convenient parking, and a catering kitchen. Call us today at (212) 847-3818 for more information or to schedule a tour.

The Steps of Coordinating a Corporate Event

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Corporate events allow companies to work with their employees outside of the office in a refreshing environment. Getting out of the office can make your employees more productive and help them focus on goals and projects with fewer distractions. A corporate event venue is the perfect place to hold an important meeting, work on team building strategies, or discuss upcoming projects. The following steps will help you plan a successful and productive corporate event.

Consider Your Objectives
In planning your event, you want to always keep in mind what goals you want to achieve during the course of the event. Think of a few key objectives and determine how long it would realistically take to accomplish them. You don’t want to take your staff away from their work for longer than necessary, so don’t set your sights on goals that can’t be completed in a reasonable timeframe.

Choose a Venue
You want to choose a venue appropriate for the tone of your event, and one that is in a location convenient to as many members of your staff as possible. An elegant event space can lend a feeling of excitement or importance to the event, which may elevate your staff’s enthusiasm.

Create an Agenda
To maximize your efficiency in reaching your goals during the event, you will want to create a formal agenda. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page as to what needs to be accomplished, and it will also allow your staff to prepare valuable questions or contributions. If everyone knows what to expect, they will feel more comfortable being active participants in the event activities.

If you’re looking for a corporate event venue in NYC, contact The Glasshouses at (212) 847-3818. The Glasshouses provides impressive event spaces in Chelsea, and has ample experience hosting corporate events. Schedule a tour of their event spaces, or make a reservation today.

Calculating the Floor Space of Your Venue

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Many wedding venues and event spaces will tell you the size of the venue using its square footage. This information is useful, but often doesn’t give you a practical vision of how your special event will fit into the space.

The most important information that you will need to determine from an event space’s square footage is its capacity. Visit the venue in person or look at its online photo gallery and check for obstructions in the floor space, like columns or other unmovable structures. If there are permanent structures, this will limit your usable floor space. You will also need to find out the venue’s maximum capacity after your event is set up, as tables and stages will impede traffic flow.

If you’re looking for an affordable wedding venue or space for a party or corporate event, look at the online photo gallery for The Glasshouses in Chelsea. The Glasshouses provides two event spaces with gorgeous views, and amenities like a lobby doorman, easily accessible parking, and catering kitchens. Call them today at (212) 847-3818.

Tips for Planning a Wedding Reception

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The venue you choose for your wedding reception is almost as important as the wedding venue itself. You want your friends and family to celebrate with you in style, and the right preparation will allow you to relax and enjoy the celebration stress free.

Watch this video for helpful tips for planning a beautiful reception. It walks you through choosing flowers, lighting and entertainment, and discusses the benefits of hiring a wedding planner.

If you’re looking for a wedding reception venue in NYC, contact The Glasshouses at (212) 847-3818. The Glasshouses offers two affordable wedding reception venues in Chelsea, with breathtaking views, modern features, and a convenient location.

Factors to Consider When Planning a Festival

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A lot of work goes into planning any special event, from choosing an event space, coordinating a guest list, and deciding on party entertainment. Planning a festival requires many more considerations, as it will likely be a public event on a much larger scale than the average party.

Determine the Size of your Festival
Once you determine that scale of your event, many of the other details you need to plan will fall into place. Knowing how big you want your event to be will allow you to choose the perfect event space and decide how many people you’ll need to hire to pull off a successful event. Once you have chosen your event space, you will know if you need to hire security, and how you will provide toilet facilities to your guests.

Hire the Right Staff and Entertainment
You will need a lot of help from volunteers or paid staff, even in the beginning stages of your planning. You will need to hire and consult with people who can help you push your vision forward, and who have experience and connections in every area. You will also have to hire a staff of people to work at your festival, from taking tickets to selling refreshments, to ushering your festival’s talent or entertainment from place to place. You will also have to recruit entertainment for your festival. Depending on the type of festival, you will need to entice popular musicians, authors, chefs, or artists who will draw a big enough crowd and make your festival well attended and profitable.

Market the Event Successfully
The best way to ensure you’ll have a popular, crowded event is to hire a marketing team to promote the festival well in advance. Once all of your festival’s details are in place, you’ll need to use all available media to build interest and drive ticket sales.

If you’re looking for an event space near NYC, check out the beautiful party spaces offered by The Glasshouses in Chelsea. Visit their website or call them at (212) 847-3818.

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