How to Create an Enticing Menu for Your Event

Once you reserve a party space rental in New York City, you can start to plan the details for your next event. Use this guide to figure out how to put together the perfect menu for your party:

Start Planning as Soon as Possible
Whether you are putting together a menu for your wedding or for a graduation party, it is important to start planning it as soon as possible. Work with the event space to start figuring out your menu options. When you give yourself enough time to plan the menu, you still have the ability to make changes if you need to without disrupting all of your party plans.

Think About the Whole Menu
If you want to create a cohesive menu with dishes that flow well together, it is important to think about each item as a part of the meal experience. You should spend time choosing every menu item from the appetizers to the dessert so you can serve your guests a complete meal full of amazing flavors.

Provide Options for Everyone
It is important to consider all of your guests and their food preferences when creating your menu. You should include some meat, some fish, and some vegetarian options to ensure that everyone can find something to eat. Whether you are planning a buffet or a sit-down dinner, adding a lot of options to your menu gives you a better chance of providing food for everyone.

Think About a Theme
Creating some kind of theme for your event can help you when it comes to planning your menu. With the connective thread of a theme, you can put together a menu that incorporates various elements of it.

No matter what kind of event you are planning, The Glasshouses can help you put it together. With stunning views of New York City and plenty of space for all your guests, our event venue provides the ideal backdrop for your next big event. To learn more, visit us online or call (212) 847-3802.

What You Need to Plan a Bachelor Party

If you have been selected as the Best Man, it is your responsibility to plan a bachelor party. You need to work with groom to determine everything from the activity to the party space in New York City.

Before you start planning, you should talk to the groom to find out what he likes and dislikes. You should also ask how many people he wants to invite to the party before deciding on an activity and a date that works for everyone. Get more great planning tips in this video.

The Glasshouses provides some of the most beautiful and elegant party spaces in the city. Whether you are planning a bachelor party or a wedding reception, we provide the space you need to do it right. Call (212) 847-3802 to learn more.

Using Social Media to Plan and Promote Your Event

While you are organizing details like creating a guest list and choosing a party space near New York City, it is easy to forget to promote your event. With the help of social media, you can make it easier to plan a social event and spread the word about it to ensure that you get a great turnout:

Provide Live Updates
Social media makes it easy to give your guest list live updates about the party plans. Create a special group about the party on Facebook or make sure your guests are all following you on Twitter. If you decide to make some changes and modify the dress code to black-tie, for example, you can create a Facebook post or write a Tweet about it to quickly and efficiently spread the word.

Ask for Input
Another benefit of using social media while planning a party is the way it opens up conversations among your guest list. If you are unsure about whether to have a buffet or a sit-down dinner, for example, you can send out a general inquiry among your guests to get some of their opinions and get help with the decision.

Keep an Up-to-Date Guest List
Social media can also help you stay organized with your planning. People are not always great about mailing in an actual RSVP, which can throw off your final headcount for the party. When you utilize social media during the planning process, though, it is easier to figure out who is coming to the party so you can keep a more accurate tally.

When you choose The Glasshouses as your party space for your next big event, you can take advantage of a beautiful venue and a helpful staff that makes it easier to plan your event. Whether you are putting together a corporate event or a social gathering, our team is here to ensure that you get what you need to put together a memorable party. Call (212) 847-3802 to reserve the space for your next event.

How Many Courses Should You Choose for Your Wedding Menu?

When you are trying to determine a menu for your wedding venue serving New York City, you should think about the time and the style of your reception. If you are planning your wedding after lunch, you can opt for a lighter menu. If you are planning it around dinnertime, though, you should plan on serving a heavier meal.

Think about whether your wedding will be more formal or informal. If it is informal, you can stick to a few simple menu items. If it is more formal, though, you should choose 3-6 courses. Check out this video to learn more about planning your menu.

When you choose The Glasshouses as your wedding venue, you gain access to one of the most stunning party spaces in the city. We work hard to bring you an event venue that meets all of your needs. Call (212) 847-3802 to learn more.

Personalized Ideas for Your Wedding Day

Are you looking for creative ideas for your wedding? Watch this video from Martha Stewart Weddings for a few tips on personalizing your wedding day. From wedding favors to personalized stationery, these ideas are the perfect way to add a special touch to every part of your special day.

If you are looking for an event venue, visit The Glasshouses online or call us today at 212.242.7800 to schedule a tour. Our venue is the perfect setting to make your wedding day perfect!

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