Choosing a Food Style for Your Wedding Reception

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When you’re planning a wedding, the most important things you’ll want to think about are the wedding venue, the wedding reception venue, and the caterer. If you’re picking out the menu for your wedding reception, keep reading for some tips on choosing the perfect food style for your big day.

Breakfast or Brunch Wedding Reception
If you’re planning a morning wedding, then your wedding reception can easily be a breakfast or brunch reception. Morning wedding receptions often give you a prime pick of wedding venues and wedding reception venues, as most weddings are held in the afternoon or evening. Hire caterers that can offer an omelet bar, customized pancakes, fruit, bagels, muffins, and savory breakfast meats. You can also serve Bloody Marys, mimosas, and champagne.

Cocktail Wedding Reception
A cocktail wedding reception is a much more casual wedding reception option for couples. Because these receptions are often more brief than wedding receptions that feature traditional sit-down meals, you can save quite a bit of money and stress. Find a beautiful, elegant wedding reception venue or party space rental, and hire bartenders and caterers to pass out cocktails and appetizers. Create your own signature couples cocktail to offer your guests. Be sure to inform your guests that there will not be a full meal served.

Cake and Punch Wedding Reception
A cake and punch wedding reception is similar to a cocktail reception, in that it is shorter and less expensive than a reception with a full meal. You can serve drinks and desserts, but don’t need to serve food or appetizers. These receptions are often held a few hours after the wedding, so that guests have time to eat dinner before attending.

At The Glasshouses, we provide two gorgeous event spaces as affordable wedding venues and wedding reception venues in NYC. Our beautiful event spaces offer breathtaking city views, elegant floor plans and décor, and plenty of customizable options. For more information, visit our website or call us today at (646) 402-6557.

A Checklist for Planning Your Corporate Holiday Party

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If you’re planning a corporate event, like a holiday party, you have a lot on your plate. With the right event planning, it will be much easier for you to plan the perfect event with minimal stress. Keep reading for some tips on planning your company’s holiday party.

Use an Event Space or Party Space Rental
Your holiday party should not feel like a stuffy corporate event. This is why it should be held at an outside corporate event venue, like an event space or party space. Employees will look forward to getting out of the office and into a new, exciting environment. Using an event space or party space rental will also give the party a fun, festive ambience. You may be able to get valuable party planning help from the venue’s event coordinator or event planner as well.

Hire Caterers
One of the things people look forward to the most at corporate events and holiday parties is the food and beverages. Your event coordinator at your party space can recommend some amazing caterers to you for your holiday party. The party space should have a catering kitchen that the caterers can use to prepare food during the event. Find out if the catering company provides alcohol, servers, and bartenders in addition to food.

Pick Your Party Entertainment
Every holiday party needs some planned entertainment to make it fun and successful. Find out what audiovisual equipment your event space or party space has to offer. If there is a stage and sound system, you might consider hiring a live band to play. For a smaller party space, think about getting a DJ. If you want the party entertainment to be interactive, rent a karaoke machine or hire a karaoke DJ.

If you’re planning a corporate holiday party, come see us at The Glasshouses. We provide beautiful party space rentals near NYC in our gorgeous and historic Chelsea building. Our event spaces have breathtaking views, a catering kitchen, 24-hour attendant parking, and a secure lobby entrance. For more information, call us today at (646) 402-6557.

Tips for Indoor Photoshoots

Event Venue NYC

If you’re looking for an amazing indoor photoshoot location, you’ll want to find one that has plenty of natural light. This will save you from having to create artificial light with flashes and bright lamps. Local event spaces or party spaces, particularly wedding venues and wedding reception venues, make really wonderful photoshoot locations. They’re often indoors, have plenty of natural light, and can offer useful amenities.

Once you’ve found your photoshoot location, take a series of test shots at various times of day and in different light throughout the venue. This will help you get a sense of how you can make your photos look flawless and consistent. Use a light meter to measure the natural light sources at different points around your photoshoot location. Indoor photo shoot locations afford you much more control over your lighting, and you won’t be subject to changes in weather or interference by the public.

At The Glasshouses, our two versatile event spaces make wonderful photo shoot locations in NYC. With floor-to-ceiling windows, they provide plenty of beautiful, natural light. If you’re planning a photo shoot, contact us today at (646) 402-6557 for more information.

Is Glasshouse 21 Right for Your Event?

Event Venue NYC

At The Glasshouses, we take event planning seriously, so that you don’t have to stress out about the details of your event. Our unique, elegant party spaces are a premiere location in Manhattan for weddings, parties, corporate events, and other special occasions. We offer two amazing event spaces that can serve as wedding venues, wedding reception venues, party spaces, or corporate event venues.

If you’re looking for the perfect place for your next special event, take a look at what Glasshouse 21 can offer you. Glasshouse 21 is an event space on the 21 st floor of a historic Chelsea building. With floor-to-ceiling windows and stunning views of lower Manhattan, the Hudson River, and the Upper West Side, it’s the perfect photo shoot location.

This event space in NYC is 3,400 square feet, and can be customized to meet the needs of any type of party. It also has a large balcony, affording your guests another opportunity to take advantage of the amazing views. We provide the use of a catering kitchen, and have 24-hour attendant parking and a doorman-attended lobby. For more information, visit our website or call us today at (646) 402-6557.

10 Ways to Make Wedding Planning Stress Free [INFOGRAPHIC]

Wedding planning is supposed to be fun—but it can also be extremely overwhelming. There are so many decisions to make, from the wedding venue to the vendors, and of course, the dresses. The good news is that you can make planning less stressful and still have the wedding day of your dreams. Begin by starting your planning early. Bridal websites and magazines offer handy wedding planning timelines that let you know when you should be visiting wedding venues, when you should be ordering your cake, and when your invitations should go out. Use these as guidelines so you have ample time to plan without pressure. Get more tips in this infographic from The Glasshouses. Our event space near NYC is the perfect wedding venue for your ceremony and wedding reception space. Help other brides keep stress under control when planning their big days by sharing this information.

Wedding Planning NYC

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