Different Ways of Serving Food at Your Reception

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Once you’ve found the perfect wedding venue and wedding reception space, it’s time to start thinking about your wedding catering. How you serve the food and drink at your wedding reception venue depends upon the time of day, the number of guests, and your own personal preferences. Here is a look at a few different ways that your caterers can serve the food at your wedding reception.

Formal Sit-Down Dinner
The most common method of serving your guests at your wedding reception space is a formal sit-down dinner. If you choose this serving style, your guests can relax and talk amongst each other while they are served a multi-course meal. This option tends to be more expensive than other serving methods, but it’s the perfect choice for a traditional wedding and wedding reception.

Casual, Buffet-Style Meal
If you want to create a more casual ambience in your wedding reception space, you can choose to host a buffet-style meal. Your guests will line up at a buffet and choose their own entrees and side dishes from a variety of options. You won’t have to pay for as many servers or staff, but for guests who are older or less mobile, this serving method may prove challenging.

Versatile Cocktail Party
Turning your wedding reception venue into a cocktail party space is an incredibly versatile option. A wedding reception cocktail party can be an elegant, formal affair, or a more casual, low-key event. If you want to avoid the spectacle of wedding reception traditions such as toasts and the first dance, you can easily remove them from the program by hosting an informal cocktail reception. You can also save money by serving cocktails, appetizers, and desserts rather than a full meal.

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Wedding Favor Ideas

Once you’ve chosen your wedding reception venue, you have the fun of choosing your wedding décor, catering menu, and wedding favors. Wedding favors are traditionally given as thank you gifts to your wedding party and wedding guests for sharing your special day with you.

Watch this video to discover some fun and unique wedding favor ideas. Courtney Arnold, a professional event space coordinator, discusses her favorite wedding favor ideas for every type of wedding.

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Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Colors

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When you’re choosing your wedding colors, you ultimately need to consider which colors you and your partner find most attractive. If you’re having a hard time deciding, you can use the colors and décor of your wedding venue or wedding reception space as inspiration.

You can also pick wedding colors that are inspired by the color palette of the season in which your wedding will take place. A spring wedding may have a palette of soft, pale pinks, greens, grays, and blues. Summer wedding colors may include brighter, bolder shades of red, orange, blue, and teal. For an autumn wedding, consider gold, muted orange, bright green, and blush red or peach. A winter wedding typically has a palette of silver, cream, grayish blue, and muted reds and pinks.

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Wedding Fashion Tips for Men

If you’ve recently accepted an invitation to a wedding or wedding reception, you may be wondering what to wear. You can take your cues from the wedding invitation and the ambience of the wedding venue and wedding reception venue. Watch this video for some great wedding fashion tips for men. You’ll get advice on how dressed up or down you can go when attending a wedding.

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Which Style of Wedding Reception is Right for You?

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Your wedding reception style may be influenced by the time of day of your wedding ceremony, and how formal your wedding venue is. Before looking for the perfect party space for your wedding reception venue, look at these popular wedding reception styles to determine exactly which one is right for you.

Afternoon Tea and Lunch Wedding Reception
After a late-morning wedding ceremony, you can serve early afternoon tea and lunch at your wedding reception venue. Serve your wedding guests mini quiches, finger sandwiches, chilled soup, crudités, and champagne cocktails. The benefits of afternoon reception are that it's the perfect after party for a low-key, non-traditional wedding ceremony, and you may be able to rent an event venue at a lower cost.

Cocktail Party Wedding Reception
For a late afternoon or early evening wedding ceremony, you can choose between a cocktail party wedding reception, or a formal sit-down dinner. For couples who don't want to spend the extra money on a formal dinner, a cocktail reception is a happy compromise. Cocktail receptions can still be formal and elegant, but typically don't last as long as sit-down wedding reception dinners. You can offer a signature couple's cocktail to celebrate your new union, and serve wine, beer, champagne, appetizers, and wedding cake as well.

Sit-Down Wedding Reception Dinner
A sit-down wedding reception dinner is the most popular reception style when it follows a formal wedding ceremony at a traditional wedding venue. You and your guests can mingle while enjoying appetizers and cocktails, and then sit down for a delicious meal before the wedding toasts, first dance, and the cutting of the wedding cake.

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