Tips for Finding Your Wedding Style

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A wedding style is simply a general cohesive aesthetic that is reflected throughout all elements of the wedding and wedding reception. Choosing a wedding style will help you choose your wedding venue, wedding reception venue, entertainment, décor, menu, and even your wedding dress. Here are some helpful tips for finding a wedding style that is as unique as you are.

Consider Your Personal Style
Your personal style is reflected in the way you dress, the way you decorate your home, and even the restaurants and stores that you visit. Take a moment to consider the style choices that you make from day to day. For example, if you tend to wear quirky, vintage clothes and you decorate your house in antique store finds, you may like the idea of having an old-fashioned wedding.

Find Inspiration Online
Look online for photo spreads and articles about interesting weddings and wedding receptions. This will help you discover wedding styles you may not have thought of otherwise, and can inspire you to come up with your own unique style. Your wedding style should be true to you and your partner. Choosing a style is a great way to have fun with wedding planning and showcase your special talents and common interests.

Revisit Your Fantasy Wedding
Many people have been planning their dream wedding, and may have been doing so since they were children. While your tastes change as you grow up, there may still be some elements of your dream wedding that you would like to incorporate into your event space. Take some time to think about what the most important details of your fantasy wedding were. Use that information as a starting point for creating a grown-up version of your childhood fantasy.

The Glasshouses in Chelsea is an elegant, stylish wedding venue in NYC. We have two gorgeous event spaces that can be decorated to accommodate any wedding style imaginable. Our staff has years of experience planning weddings and will help you make our event spaces into your own personal party space. For more information, give us a call at (646) 402-6557.

What Are the Benefits of a Sit-Down Wedding Reception Meal?

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If you’re planning a wedding reception, you’re probably looking for a great wedding reception venue. Your wedding reception offers a chance to visit with your guests and thank them for taking the time to celebrate with you. A sit-down wedding reception meal is an elegant, sophisticated way to show gratitude to your guests and allow them to share in the joy of your new marriage.

Look for a wedding reception venue that offers ample space for a wedding reception meal, and that matches the formal tone of the event. A sit-down dinner gives everyone the chance to relax and mingle without having to keep getting up to get food or drink. A sit-down meal also makes it easier to coordinate wedding traditions, such as toasts and the cutting of the cake.

At The Glasshouses, we can provide you with both a wedding venue and a wedding reception venue in NYC. Our two beautiful party spaces are located in a historic Chelsea building, and offer gorgeous city views from the balcony and the floor-to-ceiling windows. To find out more or to book an event space, call us today at (646) 402-6557.

Be Sure to Avoid These Wedding Planning Mistakes!

If you’re planning your wedding without the help of a professional wedding planner, you’ll appreciate advice that will help you to avoid common mistakes. When choosing a wedding venue, wedding reception venue, and photo shoot location, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re paying for prior to signing any contracts.

Watch this video to learn more about how to be a savvy wedding planner. Many of these tips are also useful when planning a corporate event, or even a party.

If you’re searching for an affordable wedding venue in NYC, visit The Glasshouses. Our two event spaces are the premiere venues for weddings, wedding receptions, and events. Both spaces offer gorgeous views from the 14 th or 21 st floor of our historic Chelsea building. Call us today at (212) 847-3818 for more information or to book an event space.

Spotlight on Terrazzo Flooring

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Terrazzo flooring is formed when chips of marble, granite, quartz, or glass are combined with cement. Once combined, the materials are ground and polished to achieve a smooth, glossy surface. Historically, construction workers in Venice invented terrazzo flooring as a low-cost way to create stylish flooring using leftover marble chips from previous construction jobs.

Contemporary terrazzo flooring can be plain, or can be adapted to include intricate surface designs that look like mosaics. It is considered to be a sophisticated design element in interior decorating, as its reflective surface and simple aesthetic can reflect many different styles of décor.

At The Glasshouses, our unique, contemporary event spaces in NYC have elegant terrazzo flooring and floor-to-ceiling windows offering stunning views of the city. If you’re planning an elegant event and are looking for a wedding venue, wedding reception venue, or party space, take our virtual tour online to check out our space. For more information, or to make a reservation, call us today at (212) 847-3818.

Helpful Tips for Photo Shoots

If you’re planning your wedding, you’re probably in search of the perfect photo shoot location for wedding pictures. You and your wedding party you may appreciate some tips on organizing a wedding photo shoot that will be comfortable for everyone, but still result in amazing photos.

Watch this video to learn more about planning and carrying off a successful wedding photo shoot. Model scout Trudi Tapscott offers advice on posing, working well under pressure, and communicating with the photographer.

If you’re in search of a unique photo shoot location in NYC, check out our event spaces at The Glasshouses. Our two party spaces can be used for weddings, wedding receptions, corporate events, and parties. Each space has floor-to-ceiling windows that provide breathtaking views, making them the perfect backdrop for stunning photos. For more information on The Glasshouses, call us today at (212) 847-3818.

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