How Should Grooms Wear Their Hair?

When planning for a wedding, many brides have a well-scheduled beauty checklist to complete before their big day. Grooms, however, often wait until the last minute to worry about their styling. Instead of improvising, prepare and practice a few looks before you walk down the aisle.

Stylists recommend that grooms get their last pre-wedding haircut one week before the event, and have their neck trimmed if needed. To avoid mistakes and a bad hair day when they’re supposed to tie the knot, men should stick with the hairstyles and hair products with which they are familiar. Consider using matte pastes instead of standard gels to create timeless looks that will appear traditional and handsome on camera.

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The Benefits of Hosting an Employee Appreciation Event

If you are wondering how you can show your gratitude to your team, corporate events are an excellent way to bring your employees together in an engaging setting that is both entertaining and often morale-boosting. When bonuses and raises are not an option, an employee appreciation event can increase job satisfaction and morale for your workforce.

Strengthens Bonds

By organizing an event for your employees, you let them know that you and the company appreciate their hard work. Bringing your team together outside of the workplace also provides a good platform for team building activities. Better teamwork can result in a more positive atmosphere in the office as well as greater efficiency. An appreciation event is also a prime opportunity to share big announcements with your team, such as a milestone your company has reached, or the retirement of an employee.

Promotes Interaction

Business events held outside the office provide an opportunity for managers and their subordinates to interact in an informal situation. This setting promotes better relations between coworkers and can build a greater sense of unity. An employee appreciation event can change the way your employees view their work responsibilities in a positive way.

Unites Work and Home

It’s common for employees to think of the relationships that they have with their managers and coworkers as being restricted to the workplace. By gathering your team outside of the office, they are more likely to talk about their personal life and develop friendships. You’ll also have a chance to get to know your employees better and foster bonds and camaraderie with them. Most importantly, an employee appreciation event gives your team an opportunity to have fun together outside of the pressures of the workplace.

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How to Throw a 4th of July Party

If you’re planning to celebrate 4 th of July with a party this summer, you’ll need a festive party space, great food, and plenty of planning. Here are a few tips to help you host an unforgettable 4 th of July party:

Plan Ahead

One of the most vital steps to throwing a great party of any theme is plan out everything you will need in advance and complete as much as you can well before the day of the party. First, you’ll want to decide what type of venue you’d prefer for hosting your party. For indoor parties, you’ll want to be in a location where you can view the fireworks, and for outdoor parties, plan to have plenty of lighting and ways to repel the bugs from the guests and their food.

Summer Foods

Many people think of backyard barbeques when summer hits, and no time is better than the 4 th of July to celebrate with all-American fare. Try keeping your food choices traditional with burgers, barbeque chicken breasts, potato and pasta salads, and plenty of snack foods. Also, consider incorporating red, white, and blue into the food’s color scheme. A chest of ice filled with red, white, and blue sodas, lemonades, and juices is visually appealing and perfect for this summer holiday. For dessert, stick with classic summer treats such as peach cobbler and cherry pie.

Festive Details

Artfully tie your party together by including a few fun and festive details into your event space. Bind up a handful of sparklers with red, white, and blue ribbons to use as placeholders at your table, or craft patriotic candles using beeswax and star-shaped cookie molds. Dip-dye your white placemats or napkins with red and blue to add character and style to your table settings.

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What to Expect at a Rehearsal Dinner

Event Venue NYC

Traditionally held the night before the wedding, rehearsal dinners have become more of a celebration themselves instead of just a formality. Some parties choose to have the rehearsal two nights prior or to have a celebratory breakfast instead.

The point of a rehearsal dinner is for the two families to meet if they haven’t, and to get to know each other better if they have. It also provides a more relaxed environment for people to greet and mingle than there will be on the wedding day itself. Rehearsal dinners are usually hosted by the groom’s family and the guest list often includes the members of the wedding party, the officiant, and their significant others.

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Smiling in Your Photo Shoot

Not all photos need to be serious. It’s important to practice in front of a mirror to see what it feels like when you’re smiling in certain ways and how your features are affected. Watch this video for some helpful tips on smiling in your photo shoot.

Practicing will make you more comfortable front of a camera, which will make your smile appear more natural in your photos. Try laughing during your photo shoot to appear genuine and, if you have a gummy smile, try holding your upper lip lower.

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