How to Decide on a Wedding Guest List

Figuring out the guest list can be a stressful part of planning a wedding. You have to consider catering costs, wedding venue accommodations, and family expectations. There are many ways to decide on a guest list, so consider the following tips to help you out:

  • Meet with both families to discuss expectations. Some parents may want you to invite distant family friends or cousins. This is okay, but the parents may need to pay for those guests instead of you.
  • If you need a diplomatic approach to inviting guests, make an A, B, and C list. Family and friends who absolutely must be invited are on the “A” list; those it would be nice to have are on the “B” list, and so forth. If an “A” guest declines, you can invite a “B” guest.
  • Do not forget your wedding reception venue. They may only be able to accommodate a certain amount of guests, so that may influence the list too.

The Glasshouses has two event spaces that can accommodate up to 200 people. With our wedding venues in NYC, you do not have to worry about a thing. Call (646) 402-6557 to book your wedding venue right away.

Tips for Your First Styled Photo Shoot

As a photographer, you may be nervous to set up your first styled photo shoot. You need to contact models, a photo shoot location, and collaborate with other vendors. Just watch this video for advice, and you will come out of this photo shoot with beautiful pictures to show for it.

  • Determine the theme of your photo shoot. This theme will influence your photo shoot locations, the vendors you work with, and little details that will pop up in the photos.
  • Network with vendors and the photo shoot location. These businesses can offer support and advice.
  • Work with vendors that are like-minded to your vision and will market to that particular photo shoot.

You can find more than a party space rental with The Glasshouses; we have two gorgeous photo shoot locations in NYC. Take advantage of our amazing views, and call us at (646) 402-6557.

Choosing a Wedding Reception Style

Even if you have your dream wedding venue and reception in mind, there a few factors to consider as you choose a wedding reception style. Continue reading for important tips about choosing a wedding reception style.

Think About Your Personal Style

When it comes to your reception style, and your wedding as a whole, you need to think about your individual and couple style. If you and your future spouse are the laidback, jeans-and-sandal-wearing couple, then you may prefer a wedding reception that reflects that personality. You may love polka dots and zebra print—if it is your favorite style, and it is the best representation of you and your spouse, then it is the right decision for your reception.

Consider Your Wedding Venue

You may have your personal style, but you cannot forget to bring your wedding venue into account. For example, you may desire a formal reception, but your wedding venue is located in a very informal space. You should communicate the formal expectations to your guests, or you may consider changing your wedding reception space. However, if you have your heart set on a specific event space, then see if that space will work with you. Many wedding venues are able to customize the space to fit the couple, so it never hurts to ask how the venue can accommodate your desires.

Remember the Season

It is great to have a set theme or style to your wedding and reception, but make sure it can fit the time of year. You may want to rebuild a winter wonderland at your wedding reception space, but if your wedding is during the middle of summer, your guests may not feel comfortable in parkas and fur boots. If your reception is located inside, then your reception space may be able to work with you on getting the perfect style.

At The Glasshouses, we will work with you to provide the perfect wedding reception space in NYC. No matter your style, we can make it work in an exceptional location. Please call (646) 402-6557 to get started on planning your wedding reception.

Public Speaking Advice for Corporate Events

Public speaking can be some people’s worst fear, but it may come easily to others. No matter how you feel about speaking at any sort of gathering—a wedding, family reunion, or corporate event—you can still learn a few new tips and tricks to help you through.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Whenever a teacher tells their students to prepare for a class presentation, what is the one task they always stress? Practice your presentation so you know it frontwards and backwards. This advice should be taken into account no matter how many corporate events you speak at. Even if you typically give a speech off the cuff, you should still run through a few speech ideas prior to the event. This will help you notice odd-sounding phrases and set a good rhythm to your speech.

Get Comfortable with the Event Space

You may have your speech down pat, but once you get to the event space, everything might change. Maybe it is standing-room only, and your speech has been running pretty long; the microphone may be out, and you were not planning on shouting out your speech. Part of being prepared is being comfortable with the corporate event venue. Stand toward the front of the space and look at your intended audience. Test the microphone. Take deep breaths. You will feel much more comfortable, and you will deliver a great speech.

Be Confident and Upbeat

No one likes a boring speech. Try your hardest to keep the speech upbeat and moving along. Don’t drag out jokes, stories, or information about the company. Keep your speech and any anecdotes short and to the point. Your audience will thank you for it.

Whether you are looking for a professional event space or party spaces where your employees can have fun, call The Glasshouses at (646) 402-6557. By booking The Glasshouses for your corporate event in NYC, you can utilize our state-of-the-art lighting and sound technology, as well as a fully-equipped catering kitchen.

The Groomsman's Guide to Summer Weddings

Everyone tells the bride and groom how to plan a summer wedding, but what about the groomsmen? You have your own list of duties to perform at the wedding venue, so here are a few tips to help you get through a summer wedding:

Choose a Tux Material That Breathes

You may not have much choice in what you have to wear as part of the bridal party. However, you may wish to voice your opinions about certain attire, especially for a summer wedding. No matter what choice the groomsmen are given, try to find a material that will breathe easily in the summer heat. Whether you are wearing a suit or tuxedo, there are usually materials and features that can help keep you and the other groomsmen comfortable.

Don’t Forget the Essentials

Even if the wedding venue is located inside, you should always wear sunscreen and deodorant. The sunscreen will keep your skin protected for the times that you are outside, and the deodorant will keep you and everyone around you much happier. You may wish to bring sunglasses, water, or a fan, especially if the wedding reception space is held outside. These will keep you comfortable as you are waiting for the wedding or reception to start.

Help Keep Guests Cool

Part of a groomsman’s duties are to attend to the guests before the wedding and during the reception. Try to help the guests stay cool as part of this task. Offer water bottles, sunscreen, and handheld fans, if they are available. If you notice anyone becoming a little overheated, offer to escort them to someplace more comfortable until they feel better.

With The Glasshouses’ indoor wedding venues, the entire bridal party and guests can remain cool and comfortable the whole night through. Our event spaces in NYC offer breathtaking views of the Hudson River, so you can have a glorious summer wedding from the comfort of our space. We are available for reservations at (646) 402-6557.

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