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    Planning a Small and Intimate Wedding

    Last updated 4 days ago

    Your wedding should be exactly what you want it to be. If the idea of a huge celebration does not feel right to you, you might prefer to host a small and intimate wedding. Use the following tips to organize all of the details of your big day so you can have the exact wedding that you want:

    Put More Focus on Your Guests
    If you have fewer guests joining you on your big day, you have the opportunity to pay more attention to them to show them your gratitude for their presence on your big day. When you only have a handful of guests, you have the resources to really go all out for them on your big day. Consider creating a personalized gift basket for every person who attends your wedding. You might even want to include everyone in your ceremony by asking them to participate in some way.

    Decide on a Menu
    Planning a smaller affair can benefit your guests when it comes to the menu as well. With so few people on your guest list, you can give your guests the opportunity to choose their own meals. Instead of a fixed menu, your guests can have more variety that enables them to choose a meal that completely caters to their taste buds. Work with your wedding venue to choose menu options that give your guests the selections they need to really enjoy a meal.

    Spend Some Time Organizing the Details
    Just because your wedding is small does not mean it has to be simple. Spend some time going over all of the details for your big day. From the decorations to the seating chart, all of the details of your smaller wedding will be more noticeable in your intimate venue. 

    Whether you want to plan a small, intimate wedding or a large, festive affair, choose The Glasshouses as your ideal New York City wedding venue. With stunning views and luxurious features like Terrazzo floors, we set the scene for a magical day. To learn more about our event spaces, visit us online or call (212) 847-3813.

    Etiquette Tips for Engagement Party Planning

    Last updated 6 days ago

    Celebrating your engagement with the people you love the most is a great way to start off the countdown to your wedding. Use this guide to figure out the best way to plan the perfect engagement party in the ideal event space:

    Think About Tradition
    While it is not required, it is considered tradition for the bride’s family to throw the engagement party. If the bride’s family is not able to do it, the task falls upon the groom’s parents. If you want to go the traditional route, you should let the parents handle the hosting. Just remember, though, that you have to share the planning responsibility with the hosts, which means you might have to make some compromises.

    Make It Modern
    If you choose to host the party on your own, you do not have to discuss what you want with anyone else. You have complete control over choosing the party space, the theme, and even the menu for the party. Going the modern route means that you do not have to compromise with anyone when it comes to planning your party.

    Decide on a Date, Time, and Location
    As soon as possible, you should determine a date, time, and venue for your party. Once all of these details are set, you should write up invitations so your guests can make plans to attend. Although the invitations do not need to be as formal as the actual wedding invitations, you should include as many details as possible so your guests know exactly what to expect from the event. You can invite whomever you want to the engagement party, as long as you invite them to the actual wedding as well.

    The Glasshouses is one of the most beautiful event spaces in all of Manhattan. With stunning views over the city and a staff that can cater to your every need, we ensure that your engagement party goes perfectly. For more information on our event spaces, visit us online or call (212) 847-3813.

    Steps for Planning a Civil Union Ceremony

    Last updated 10 days ago

    If you are ready to celebrate your love with a civil union, it is time to start planning a ceremony where you and your friends and family can come together in love and joy. Use the following tips to plan a memorable civil union ceremony:

    Think about the kind of ceremony that you want to have and choose an event space that allows you to have it. Whether you want to plan a formal evening ceremony or a casual morning gathering, the party space will directly affect what kind of event you can throw. Choose decorations, music, and food that help you plan your ideal celebration and bring them together to create a festive and welcoming event space.

    The Glasshouses serves as one of the top party spaces in New York City. Our event spaces are in one of the most architecturally acclaimed buildings in Chelsea and we offer floor-to-ceiling windows that bring you an amazing view over Manhattan. With Terrazzo floors, a dedicated staff, and room for more than 150 guests, we can cater to your every need. For more information, visit us online or call (212) 847-3813.

    Tips for Successfully Launching a New Product

    Last updated 11 days ago

    If your company has been working hard on developing a new product, you want to be sure that your launch is a success. Throw a party at a fabulous New York City event space to give your clients a launch they will never forget and use the following tips to ensure that your launch goes the way you want it to go:

    Find a Venue that Wows
    Finding the right event space for your product launch is the first step to making a huge impression with your product introduction. You should choose a space that has more than enough room for all of your guests but will not draw attention away from your product. Check out a few different event spaces until you find one that can serve as the perfect backdrop for your product and its launch.

    Be Sure the Product Is Ready to Launch
    Before you finalize the details for the launch, you should be sure that your product is completely ready to be thrust onto the public. Ask your project team to do a final evaluation of the product to ensure that it is functioning properly. Once you have tested it, test it again. This will help you guarantee that the product is ready for the launch.

    Send Out a Press Release About Your Event
    When your product and your party space are ready for the launch, you have to send out information to the public to ensure that they know when the launch is happening. Include all of the details about the date, time, and location of the launch. Talk up the product to get people interested in it so they will make the effort to come see your launch.

    The Glasshouses provides the ideal location for corporate events like product launches. If you are in charge of scouting out the right venue, come check out our Chelsea party spaces. We can cater to an event of any size. To learn more about our event spaces or our availability, visit us online or call (212) 847-3813.

    Popular Wedding Colors

    Last updated 18 days ago

    In between choosing your wedding venue and setting your menu for your big day, you have to decide on the perfect colors for your bridal party. Keep reading to learn more about some popular colors and to get inspiration for your own wedding look:

    Coral is a beautiful shade to use for spring because it is bright, lively, and completely eye-catching. Consider using this hue in your wedding décor to add some depth to the final look. Mint green is another great shade to use for spring and it comes with an innocence that perfectly encompasses the feeling you want to elicit at your wedding. If you want a brighter, happier color, go for sunshine yellow.

    No matter how you want to decorate, The Glasshouses is the ideal New York City wedding venue for your big day. With party spaces that offer a magical view over Manhattan, we help you set the scene for your special day. To learn more about our event spaces, visit us online or call (212) 847-3813.

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