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    5 Design Ideas for a Sleek Modern Wedding

    Last updated 1 day 14 hours ago

    If you have modern tastes, your wedding should reflect this staple of your personal aesthetic. Use the following ideas to figure out the right way to incorporate modern features into your wedding décor:

    A Modern Event Space
    The wedding venue that you choose has to have a modern appeal. Look for an event space that has modern features like floor-to-ceiling windows and a vibrant, city feeling to set the scene for your perfect wedding.

    A Black and White Color Palette
    Black and white are two modern colors that instantly add elegance to your wedding. Choose one accent color to slightly offset these two hues and to add some of your personality into the décor.

    Consider using metallic place settings to add an even more modern appeal to your wedding décor. Silver plates look stunning when placed on top of black tablecloths. Add some metallic features throughout the reception venue to transform the space into a modern masterpiece.

    Simple Table Settings
    Modern styles are all about simplicity. If you want your wedding to be sleek and modern, you should keep your table settings simple yet elegant. A single vase of long-stemmed flowers or a few candles maintain your modern appeal while adding just enough visual stimulation to your table design.

    Subtle Floral Arrangements
    Elaborate bouquets would ruin the visual balance of your otherwise modern wedding décor. Choose subtle floral arrangements for your bouquets and table settings to maintain the integrity of the modern design. You should also stick to one or two colors.

    With terrazzo floors, stunning floor-to-ceiling windows, and an urban appeal, The Glasshouses gives you the perfect foundation your modern wedding. As one of the premier wedding venues in all of Manhattan, we make it easy to create a magical atmosphere for your big day. To learn more about our venue, visit us online or call (212) 847-3813.

    Tips for Planning an Intimate Wedding

    Last updated 6 days ago

    There is no need to plan a huge, elaborate wedding if that is not what you truly want for your special day. If you prefer to exchange vows and celebrate your new union in a more intimate manner, use the following tips to plan a wedding that speaks to your personality:

    Keep the Guest List Small
    Before you plan any other aspects of your wedding, decide on the maximum number of people that you want to invite. Do everything you can to stick to this number so you can keep the wedding as small and as intimate as you want it to be. If you and your fiancé each make a list of the people that you have to have at your wedding, you can combine them and create a cohesive guest list that is small but complete.

    Decide on Table Arrangements
    You should set up your tables in an arrangement that is conducive to conversation. Work with the staff at the event space to figure out a configuration for the tables that lends itself to easy flow and movement. Make sure to leave plenty of room for walking so your guests can get up and mingle if they want.

    Find the Right Lighting
    The right kind of lighting changes the atmosphere of a space. If you want to build an intimate wedding, you have to find the perfect combination of natural and artificial lighting. Strands of twinkle lights combined with soft light fixtures and big windows help you make the room feel smaller so your group can feel closer together.

    The amazing floor-to-ceiling windows at The Glasshouses give you the perfect view of Manhattan for your next event. Our venue can accommodate an event of any size. Whether you want to organize an intimate wedding or a huge corporate function, we can help. Visit our website or call (212) 847-3813 to learn about our availability and to start planning your wedding.

    How to Decide Between a Cocktail Party or a Seated Dinner

    Last updated 8 days ago

    Cocktail parties and seated dinners create different kinds of moods that change the feeling of a party. When you start to plan an event, think about the features you want to include so you can decide whether a cocktail party or a seated dinner will do the best to meet your needs. Use these tips to help make a decision:

    Think About Movement in the Event Space
    If you want to create an open, flowing environment at your party, you might want to have a cocktail party that allows guests to move around the room easily. If you want a more intimate, elegant feeling, however, a seated dinner might be your best option.

    Decide on a Menu
    The kind of food that you serve will also change the kind of event that you should have. Four-course meals are easier to eat while sitting down at a comfortable table setting. If you would rather serve appetizers and finger foods, though, you can easily throw a cocktail party and still make your guests feel comfortable while keeping them satiated.

    Determine How Much You Want to Plan
    If you decide to go with a seated dinner, you will have to create a seating chart so your guests know where to sit. If you want to focus your planning on other aspects of the event, you should opt for a cocktail party so the guests are free to move around the party space and do not feel restricted to an assigned seat.

    Located in Chelsea Arts Towers, The Glasshouses is one of Manhattan’s premier event spaces. With amazing views of New York City, our venue provides the ideal setting for any kind of event from a wedding to a fundraiser. To learn more about our event spaces, visit us online or call (212) 847-3813. 

    Five Key Steps for Organizing Your Next Business Event

    Last updated 13 days ago

    Hosting a business event is a great way to promote your company throughout the community. When you start to plan your event, create a master checklist that includes information about materials, logistics, and people to invite.

    As soon as you have a date and an event space set, you should start promoting it. Take the time to get to know your party space intimately so you can answer any questions that your guests may have at the party. Learn more about corporate event planning in this video.

    Choose Manhattan’s The Glasshouses as the event space for your next corporate party to get amazing views and an elegant interior. Our venue perfectly combines beauty and elegance to help you plan an amazing event. Call (212) 847-3813 to learn more.

    The Benefits of Working with a Pro Event Planner

    Last updated 15 days ago

    No matter what kind of party you want to throw, a professional event planner can help you organize all of the details to your liking. Once you reserve your party space, rely on an event planner to help you get the following:

    The Ability to Stay on Budget
    An event planner knows all the ins and outs of the industry, which means that he or she will be able to keep you on budget while still finding the features that you want. If you plan the event on your own, you might unknowingly overspend in certain areas. If you rely on an event planner, though, you can maintain your budget.

    Less Stress During the Planning Process
    There are a lot of details that require your attention when you are planning an event on your own. If you can delegate a lot of the logistics to a professional event planner, you can reduce your stress levels and actually enjoy the party that you worked so hard to put together.

    A New Perspective
    One of the major advantages of working with a professional party planner is the new perspective that they bring. There are certain design features that you might not even know about that can really bring your party décor to the next level. When you work with a professional party planner, you have all the information you need to plan an amazing and unforgettable event.

    When you choose The Glasshouses as your Manhattan event space, you gain access to breathtaking views and a dedicated staff that will do everything in their power to ensure that you have the exact event that you want. Whether you are looking for the ideal wedding venue or a party space for your graduation celebration, we are here for you. Call (212) 847-3813 to learn about our availability.

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