How to Choose a Band for Your Party

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After looking at various party spaces for your next party, you still have to find the right band. Just like the right party space, the right band will be the perfect fit to entertain your guests and make for a great party that everyone will remember.

Determine the type of band you want.
Before you start looking for a band, think about what type of entertainment you want filling your party space. Do you want a band that will provide background noise while your guests mingle; or do you want a performer that will have your guests raving about your party for months afterward? Once you determine the type of band you want, you can start your search.

Consider your audience first.
You want your guests to enjoy your party, so you need to find the band that will cater to the majority of your guests. If they have similar tastes, then you are in luck. However, some parties may contain many different choices in music tastes. Look for the band that will play the music that most of your guests will appreciate. You may not make everybody at the party space rental happy, but it is more considerate to the masses.

See the band perform.
Once you have narrowed down your list of bands, attend some performances before your event. If possible, visit when the band is playing an event similar to yours, so you can have a more accurate judge of the band’s skill. For example, a band may play different music at a wedding venue than they would during your party.

Ask for references.
Always request references that you can call. You can find out how past clients felt about the band’s performance and demeanor. This will be very helpful when you need to narrow down your list to 1 or 2 bands.

Whether you choose a band, DJ, or use your own iPod, The Glasshouses has a first-rate audio system in our party spaces serving NYC. We are available to take your reservation at (646) 402-6557.

Understanding the Job of the Best Man

Wedding Venue NYC

The job of best man is a role steeped in history and tradition as the groom’s right-hand man. Whether he is looking for the bachelor party space or offering moral and emotional support to the groom, the best man has an important job in a wedding.

Help the Groom Prepare
Perhaps the most important part of being the best man is to help the groom prepare in whatever way he needs. This may be helping him to pick tuxedos or simply being open to frank discussions about potential nerves. Whatever the groom needs from you, try to provide it as best you can.

Plan the Bachelor Party
Many men enjoy being the best man because they can plan the bachelor party. Whether you choose a specific party space or plan for a night out in New York City, the bachelor party will be a great night of fun. Consult with the groom first about your plans, just in case he prefers a different party space.

Hold the Groom’s Ring
In addition to supporting the groom in front of the wedding guests, you will be trusted with the groom’s ring for the bride. Some traditions have seen the best man hold both the groom’s and the bride’s ring, but this will be up to the happy couple’s preference. Either way, be sure you have the ring at all times, safe and sound in your suit pocket.

Toast the Happy Couple
Once you reach the wedding reception venue, the toasts will soon begin. Typically, the best man starts the toasting with a short speech about his relationship with the groom and the bride, some funny memories, and well wishes for their happiness.

With The Glasshouses as your party space or wedding reception venue in NYC, you will have the time of your life. We offer a fully-equipped catering kitchen and enough room to seat up to 150 people in our party spaces. Don’t hesitate to call us at (646) 402-6557 for more information.

Reasons to Host Your Corporate Event in New York City

Event Venue NYC

If you have been wondering where to host your company’s next corporate event, consider “The City That Never Sleeps”—New York City. Hosting any sort of event in New York City will have your guests and employees excited to attend. This city offers so much that other cities cannot guarantee, such as an exceptional night life, great business opportunities, and so many beautiful event spaces from which to choose.

Great Night Life
Hosting a corporate event in New York City will excite your employees. They have the opportunity to learn more about their company, but they will also be staying in one of the biggest cities in the world. New York City is world-renowned for its theater district, fashion district, and popular neighborhoods like Chelsea. Your employees will appreciate the chance to unwind in a great city like New York City after a productive day of work and team building.

Networking Possibilities
Great networking and business opportunities are more reasons that New York City is an exceptional area to hold a corporate event. Everyone knows about Wall Street and the Financial District, but there are many other areas that are teeming with untapped business opportunities. By holding your corporate event in New York City, you can help your employees build their networks and enhance your own business.

Exceptional Event Spaces
New York City is one of the biggest cities in the world with one of the highest populations. Due to its popularity, the New York City government and citizens have become very good at utilizing space wherever possible. You will have no problems finding a great corporate event venue to host your event, no matter the size.

Call The Glasshouses for your next corporate event in NYC. We have 2 different floors to hold your corporate event. Each event space has built-in lighting and iPod-compatible sound systems, so your event will be a success. Please visit us online or call us at (646) 402-6557 to host your corporate event with us.

The Best Lighting for Photos

Event Venue NYC

There are so many tips and tricks to get the best light at a photo shoot location. Many of these tips may depend on the type of photo shoot you are conducting, whether it is for fashion, bridal, animal life, or still life. However, finding the best light for your next photo shoot location can only occur with practice and continually trying to find the best shot.

Many experts agree that the best lighting to achieve a great photo comes from a broad light source. The larger a light source—either from an open window, far away lamp, or a cloud-covered sun—then the softer and more beautiful your subject will appear in photos.

The Glasshouses is not just used as a wedding reception venue—we have 2 beautiful photo shoot locations available, as well. Please visit us online or call us at (646) 402-6557 to book your next photo shoot location near NYC.

How to Prepare for Your Bridal Portrait

Your big day is almost here. The wedding venue and wedding reception space have been picked out, and now you need to prepare for your bridal portrait. Whether this portrait is done at a separate photo shoot location or your wedding venue, you will prepare the same way.

As seen in this video directed toward photographers, you will want to stay relaxed. Your bridal portrait will not look as beautiful as you wish if you cannot find a way to forget about the minor details and simply enjoy your wedding day. Think of natural poses, and remember to smile and laugh. It’s going to be a great day.

Our event spaces at The Glasshouses are so versatile that they can be used for your wedding or photo shoot location near NYC. No matter what you need us for, we are here for you, so please call us at (646) 402-6557.

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