Countdown to the Perfect Wedding [INFOGRAPHIC]

Planning a wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming at once. With so much to do, it can be hard for brides to know where to start. The good news is that if you break down the planning process into small tasks, your planning will be on track in no time. One of the first things you will do is choose a date and book a wedding venue. Most wedding venues book up months in advance, so reserve yours as early as possible. Get more advice for building a wedding planning checklist in this infographic from The Glasshouses, a wedding reception venue in NYC. Our wedding reception venue can accommodate parties of all sizes, from intimate, formal weddings to large-scale gatherings, and our venue representatives can help you throughout the planning process to make sure everything goes as planned on your big day. Contact us to set up a tour, and help your fellow brides-to-be by sharing this information.

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Helping Your Clients Prepare for a Photo Shoot

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Once you have found the perfect photo shoot location for your clients, you can begin preparing them for the actual photo shoot. Your clients might be nervous or self-conscious about having their photos taken, especially if they are being photographed at their upcoming wedding venue or wedding reception venue. Here are some great ways that you can help ease your clients’ nerves and prepare them for their photo shoot.

Talk About Clothing and Shoes
Every photographer has an idea of what type of clothing works best for a photo shoot. Most photographers recommend against wearing all white, as it tends to wash people out in photographs. Others may want to create a cohesive aesthetic by having clients wear monochromatic outfits in matching shades. You should also discuss which shoes will be most comfortable for them to wear to the event space or photo shoot location.

Give Them Grooming Tips
You should advise your clients to prepare for any eventuality when they are choosing their grooming products. Tell them to bring as much as possible to the photo shoot location so that you will have a variety of options to choose from depending on the lighting, weather, and their mood. Women should bring plenty of hair accessories, as well as a straightening iron and blow dryer. Men should make sure that their nails are trimmed and clean, and that their facial hair is well groomed.

Discuss What to Expect From the Photo Shoot Location
Your clients will feel more comfortable about their shoot if they know what to expect from the photo shoot location. Discuss the event space’s lighting, terrain, and amenities. You should also tell them whether they will primarily be indoors or outdoors.

If you’re looking for the best photo shoot location in NYC, come see us at The Glasshouses. Our two gorgeous event spaces have beautiful natural light that comes in from their floor-to-ceiling windows. They also have adjustable indoor lighting, amazing views, and a customizable floor plan. To learn more about our venues, call us today at (646) 402-6557.

Strategies for Narrowing Down Your Corporate Event Venue Options

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If you’re trying to plan the perfect corporate event, you probably have a lot of important items on your to-do list. One of the most important event planning tasks is finding just the right corporate event venue or party space for your event. Here are some strategies for narrowing down your corporate event venue options.

Pay Attention to the Event Space’s Location
Regardless of the reason that you are holding a corporate event, you must be sure that the event space’s location is convenient to the majority of attendees. If possible, choose an event space that is centrally located, or that is located in an area that is easily reachable by car, cab, or public transportation. The easier that it is for attendees to reach the event space, the more likely it is that your corporate event will be successful.

Make Sure the Party Space Rental is Large Enough
Once you have an accurate count for your guest list, you can eliminate party space rentals that are too large or small. You don’t want to pay for more space than you need, yet you want to be sure that there’s enough room for your guests to fit comfortably. You should also consider the activities that will occur during your corporate event, so you can make sure that the party space rental’s floor plan can accommodate them.

Compare Each Corporate Event Venue’s Amenities
Each corporate event venue that you look at will probably offer slightly different amenities. You want to choose an event space that offers the most amenities for the best price, or at least one that gets closest to providing all of the amenities that you need. Look for services like audiovisual equipment, catering services, and secure parking facilities.

If you’re in need of an affordable corporate event space near NYC, come see us at The Glasshouses. We offer premium corporate event spaces that have convenient parking, accessible restrooms, gorgeous views, and a fully equipped catering kitchen. To learn more about our event spaces, call us today at (646) 402-6557.

Tips for Deciding How Many People to Invite to Your Wedding

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In order to make sure that you rent the perfect event space for your wedding venue and wedding reception venue, you need an accurate headcount for your guests. It can be difficult to pare down your guest list, but you must consider your budget so that you can find an affordable wedding venue and reception venue. Here are some great tips for deciding how many people to invite to your wedding.

Consider the Mood That You Want for Your Event
While some people might be happy with a lavish, extravagant wedding, others want a more intimate event. Before you begin creating a guest list, consider the mood that you want to set at your wedding venue and wedding reception venue. You can also picture your ideal wedding and reception venues to get a sense of how much space you’ll have. A small garden wedding venue will not be able to accommodate a large guest list.

Stick to Your Budget
When you first began your wedding planning, you probably discussed a budget with your partner. The most important part of sticking to your budget is keeping your guest list at an appropriate number. The more people that you invite, the more money you will have to spend on your party space, photo shoot location, caterers, servers, and other vendors. If you want to find an affordable wedding venue, you’ll need to keep your guest list under control.

Focus on Close Friends and Family First
If you’re having a hard time determining who to cut from your guest list, remind yourself to focus on close friends and family first. Only invite people who are nearest and dearest to you, who you know will want to share your special day with you.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous wedding venue or wedding reception space in NYC, come see us at The Glasshouses. Our two sophisticated, elegant party spaces are the perfect photo shoot location, wedding venue, and wedding reception venue. To learn more about our premiere event spaces, call us today at (646) 402-6557.

What Is the Difference Between Escort Cards and Place Cards?

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If you’re planning a special event or wedding, you’ll need to make a lot of decisions about guest seating. Something that might come up during your planning is whether to use escort cards or place cards. While both will direct your guests to their appropriate seats, they also have important differences.

Escort cards are decorative cards that are placed near the entrance to your party space or wedding reception venue. Your guest finds the escort card with his name on it, which identifies his table number. He then locates his table and chooses his seat. Place cards state the name of each guest, and are placed on the specific table and in front of the specific seat in which you want your guest to sit. These offer less flexibility and make it more difficult for guests to find their seats.

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding reception space in NYC for your big day, come see us at The Glasshouses. We have two beautiful event spaces that are perfect for a wedding venue and wedding reception venue. To learn more about our party spaces, call us today at (646) 402-6557.

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