Celebrating Summer with Your Employees

Corporate events are a great way to show your employees your appreciation for them, and it can show them you are more than just their boss. With a little effort and planning, you and your employees can have a great summer party that everyone will be talking about for years to come.

Pick Your Theme

Even a simple “Summer Nights” theme can provide the perfect communication to your employees of how you expect the corporate event to run. If you have something more specific in mind—luau, Independence Day, picnic—then they will have a clearer idea of how they should dress.

Customize the Venue

Having the ability to customize your corporate event venue will help make your summer event even greater. Depending on your theme, you can set up tropical plants, leis, or American flags around the venue. Many event spaces have indoor and outdoor locations, so be sure to ask about all of your options.

Book Good Entertainment

Your employees have been working hard, and they want to get down and party! Great entertainment may be in the form of a local band, popular DJ, or something completely different like a circus act. You may want to fit the entertainment to your party theme. Keep in mind that many of your employees probably have connections outside of work. Ask your employees if they know of good entertainment; make your employees feel appreciated and that their input matters to you.

Provide Company Swag

It never hurts to market the company, even to the employees. Give your employees and their guests some free giveaways that have the company logo on them. Hold a raffle for various appliances, trips, or money. Your employees will appreciate the effort you and the company are showing for their hard work.

Are you looking for a great corporate event venue near NYC this summer? The Glasshouses is Chelsea’s premiere event space with two beautiful spaces that can accommodate up to 200 people. Call us at (646) 402-6557 to learn about all we can offer you.

Choosing a Menu for Your Wedding Reception

You may not think choosing your wedding reception menu would be difficult, but it can be with all of the different options available. Ask your wedding venue if they have an in-house caterer that can offer you a menu, or check out local restaurants to supply your wedding reception venue.

First, consider you and your future spouse’s personal taste. It is your wedding, so you should like the food you’re being served. Go through your caterer’s menu and cross off the meals you do not like. Next, determine a few of the remaining choices that you two might like. After your taste-testing, possibly at your wedding venue, you can decide which meal is your favorite. If you and your future spouse are in disagreement, take your guests’ palates into consideration. Try to pick a nice middle-ground meal—not too spicy or daring—and you should have found a great start to your wedding reception menu. If you truly cannot decide, think about having a buffet-style setup instead.

Unlike some wedding venues, The Glasshouses offers a fully-equipped and functioning kitchen for any caterer you would like to bring in. We wish to make this a special day for the happy couple, so you get your wedding reception venue in NYC the way you want it. We’re available at (646) 402-6557.

Your Wedding Ceremony and Vows

Once you have picked out your wedding venue and wedding reception space, it is time to start planning the ceremony! This can be a stressful time in the engaged couple’s lives, so start planning well in advance.

As you can see in the video, you should start thinking about your wedding ceremony and vows quite a few months before the happy date. Many couples become more stressed as the big day arrives, and they find themselves fighting writer’s block. Try to add a few lines of importance when you have a chance, even if your vows start getting a little long. You can always edit and shorten before your wedding day.

When you are looking for a wedding venue, you know The Glasshouses is always available for your call at (646) 402-6557. We have two event spaces showcasing breathtaking views for your wedding, reception, or photoshoot location near NYC.

Exploring Different Bridal Looks

Every bride is beautiful in her own way, no matter her personal style. When she enters her wedding venue, all eyes are on her. Here is a quick look at some of the most popular bridal looks.


Many brides are taking a throwback to the 60s and 70s with their long, flowing dresses and barely-there makeup. Many bohemian brides will adorn their slightly curled hair with a ring of flowers on the crown of their head. No matter where her wedding reception venue is, everyone knows a beautiful, bohemian bride when they see one.


With a ball gown and a slick up-do, a princess bride is perfectly made up in every way. There isn’t a hair out of place, and her makeup is stunning and bright. A princess bride would look ethereal and regal in the forest, but she will look just as commanding in a sleek and modern wedding venue. Everyone will be in awe as the princess bride makes her way toward her princely groom.


Just because a bride may want a beach-style look, she doesn’t need to be restricted by her wedding venue. Many wedding venues, along with the bridal party, can be styled in a tropical and beachy look. The bride herself may desire a short or flowing dress she can easily move around in. Her feet will probably be barefoot, because she doesn’t have a care in the world as her eyes fall on the only one for her: The groom.


Some brides cannot be put into a box; they must be colorful, quirky, and completely original. These brides will have beautiful, bold makeup to match their bright and colorful gown. Their hair will match however they feel that day, possibly with a splash of color as well.

Whatever your bridal look is, it will look beautiful and stunning with the backdrop of The Glasshouses. We are Chelsea’s premier wedding venue serving NYC, with a full catering kitchen, built-in lighting, and a great sound system. Visit us online or call us at (646) 402-6557 to reserve your space.

How to Choose a Theme for Your Wedding

There are several ways to decide on a theme, even if it’s simply easy and laidback. However, there are considerations to think about before settling on a final decision, such as how your guests will enjoy it and how it will reflect your personal style. Take your wedding venue into account, as well, because it needs to showcase your theme.

Think About Your Personality as a Couple

Are you the quirky, sarcastic couple, or are you both headstrong and focused A-types? Your wedding theme should represent you as a couple. Even if you are complete opposites, you can still create a cohesive theme. You don’t need to put a name to it, but both of you can be represented in the design and decorations. You simply have to think outside the box and consult your wedding venue for ideas.

Pick Your Favorite Places and Moods

Another way to help you choose a wedding theme is based on your favorite destination spots or moments in history. Turn your wedding reception venue into a tropical paradise or Old World Paris. Drape gauzy curtains over the walls and create an Arabian Nights fantasy; or bring in mementos and memorabilia from your favorite theme parks, movies, or books. The options are endless when you begin to branch out with your creativity.

Consider How Your Wedding Pictures Will Look

Don’t forget that you will have pictures of your wedding to last a lifetime. Pick your theme with the future in mind. Will you hate that bright yellow dress you made your bridesmaids wear because you wanted a spring theme? There are several themes, colors, and moods that are timeless, so consult with your future spouse and wedding planner on how to plan a wedding theme that will last through the ages.

The Glasshouses is the perfect wedding venue serving NYC. We have amazing views, built-in lighting, and two party spaces to accommodate your wedding. Call us at (646) 402-6557 to book your wedding as soon as possible.

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